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Dec 16, 2009 11:04 AM

chicken with quick pan sauce.

wanted to sear some chicken with skin on and make a pan sauce with red wine and butter.

was going to freeball the recipe.

but i figured i would see if anybody has a good recipe for this.

wanted to serve over pasta


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  1. Not sure I'd do red wine; but that's my personal preference with chicken. Maybe white wine after sautéing some chopped shallots and minced thyme; reduce the wine by half; add a hefty pat of butter to finish it.

    Something along the lines here:

    But here's a red wine sauce recipe that might work (I'm assuming you're working with boneless chix breasts):

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    1. re: LindaWhit


      quick question on the pan gravy.

      the cold butter will thicken this well enough?

      i wont need a roux or some flour mixture to help thicken it?

      is there a way to integrate the butter to assure sauce success?

      as in off flame.. cold butter..whisked in one at a time?


      1. re: lestblight

        The butter alone should be enough to thicken it if you let it reduce enough. When it is reduced by half remove from flame and whisk in butter continually stirring until incorporated.