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Dec 16, 2009 10:41 AM

Looking for good Carnitas & Tamales (the rich saucy kind) in Orange County . . .

for a Christmas party this Saturday.
I have poured over older posts, but have not found these specific items raved about anywhere in the Orange County area.
I also love sweet green corn tamales (but haven't seen one since the Levinsons packed up their tortillas and fled Laguna Beach years ago).
With all of the great places in Santa Ana,Orange, and surrounding area -
there must be at least ONE standout for these two items. I personally am found of the Carnitas tacos at La Siesta on Batavia in Orange, but have been told that there are many better places by those more traveled than myself.
I figure this is the place to find out where those places are.

Any favorites ?

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  1. wow. Not one? They don't even have to be the same place; just do not have time to drive all over LA. Seriously ? Not one decent place in this county?

    1. El Toro Bravo in Costa Mesa for carnitas

      1. El Toro Carniceria-Meat Shop on First Street in Santa Ana. Amazing carnitas and if memory serves, this is also where we got the sweet corn tamales. Call them to be sure.

        1. I just realized these are 2 different places. I have never been to either. Thank you for the recs! Both are the same distance more or less. Looking for the really fattening carnitas. :)
          If I'm going to eat fried pork, it should be the "good stuff". Maybe need to do a trial taco run on each. (hee hee)!

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            Yes, they are different! El Toro in Santa Ana is a real Mexican carniceria. You can order huge and delicious tacos for like $2.00 but to-go is your best bet! Last Christmas, we ordered our holiday lunch from here and had piles of food for very little money.