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Dec 16, 2009 10:33 AM

Freaking out- Is everything near the Lincoln Center Overpriced or Awful?

My Aunt, Uncle and cousin from Tenneesee are coming into town this weekend. We are meeting them for dinner and drinks somewhere before the Nutcracker. They obviously don't want to be too far away from the Lincoln Center but I am just lost with places to take them. We want a nice place but nothing that will sticker shock them. I've been researching all the places nearby there Fiorellos, O'Neal's, etc but they all seem overpriced and have bad reviews.

Rosa Mexicano would have been perfect but they are booked solid as is Bar Boloud. PJ Clark's could work but I've heard the service and burgers are no where near as good as the East Side one (I've even heard they are slipping too). And I really don't want to eat in the TWC. They eat in enough mall restaurants at home

Can anyone help me? I'd say anywhere within a 15 block radius would work. So 49th street to 79th street. I'm thinking of trying Gus and Gabriel's but that's just a touch further than I would like but if people think it's the best choice I will happily trek up there. Even if it's just a cozy wine bar somewhere with good food. Thanks!

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  1. Don't know your price point but you could look into Telepan.

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      Thanks Telepan is too pricey. We're looking to spend around $40 a person with drinks (and we like to drink).

      1. re: roze

        Is that $40 per person PLUS drinks or $40 INCLUDING drinks? If it's including drinks, you're not going to be able to do much more than share a pizza and salad in that neighborhood.

    2. Cassis, french bistro on Columbus bet'n 71 and 70th is solid. Pomodoro next door to it on the north side is good also, italian, although I never really read much about it on Chowhound.

      1. Check out Salumeria Rosi, Compass or Cafe Ronda. The West 70s and West 50s have better options for dinner than the West 60s.

        1. Try Savann Amsterdam between 79 &80. Very cosy, great food, and a super value! Worth going a few extra blocks.

          1. i know you said not TWC, but those restaurants aren't really your typical "mall restaurant". Landmarc is reasonably priced, decent food and a really nice space. And Bouchon Bakery has a nice sitdown area that is simple but tasty.