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Dec 16, 2009 10:17 AM

How to keep bread/pastries fresh?

After the week-end trek to my favorite patisserie, I bring home pastries to re-heat in the convection oven during the week. What's the best way to store them--cardboard bakery box with room for air to circulate, plastic bag, or ?? I'm sure best option is to wrap tightly and freeze, but that requires remembering to take them out of the freezer the night before--or perhaps defrost briefly in microwave before trip to convection to re-crisp?

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  1. What kind of pastries? If you're talking croissants or their ilk:
    The bakery box is only for bringing them home. Air circulation will dry them out.
    I'm a big fan of freezing pastries to keep them fresh. You can wrap them individually, if you wish.
    NO microwave, let them defrost at room temp. Leave yourself a note to take them out of the freezer. They take very little time to defrost.
    You can re-heat them briefly in convection mode.

    1. There are some things that don't keep well, even frozen, like croissants. You could freeze bread but if it's crusty, you might lose that crisp/crustiness. I wouldn't microwave bread or pastries. Don't leave them in the bakery box. If I didn't remember to take it out of the freezer, I'd wait until it's defrosted to eat/heat.