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Mar 11, 2005 12:43 PM

California Chicken Café vs California Fresh Pizza

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Hi, a friend recommended I go to CCC last week because I was looking for a healthy big salad, like a chinese chick salad and I walked into and ordered one from CFP by mistake, but was really impressed with what I saw and the ccs was really good - also saw big plates of rice, soup and salmon or chicken for 7 bucks - I am always looking for cheap and healthy (unless it’s the weekend that is) anyway, has anyone been to these or other places of this type and which are the best please, thanks.

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  1. California Fresh is fine -- service is brusque, ownership is Persian and there's quite a bit of barking at one another in Farsi at some points during the day. Pizza is bland (though they used to have a spicy fish pizza that was a fascinating Mediteranian train wreck), portions are middling, nearly everything is freshly prepared in house. The menu changes for no real reason with regulatrity... every once in a while they try to launch a smoothie bar in the south half of the restaurant...

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      yeah i have had california fresh. i like the salads and the combo plates. as far as pizza it ok. but i really dont care who owns it. as long as it has "A" on the window. food is really good for being on spring and 6th. i also like this mariscos place on spring in between 6th and 8th.

    2. Huh, haven't been to CFP. CCC is on my carry out or like you say, cheap & healthy go-to list. I usually get the Chinese Chicken Salad. I substitute the baked pita chips for the croutons and then I give it a good dousing of green Tabasco. I give them extra points for always letting me grab some extra fresh pita which I use to make mini wraps with the salad. They also stock hand wipes and toothpicks. I frequent the Melrose/Hollywood location, don't know about the others. It's also horrible for parking and noisy in there, but the place is run very efficiently and I've had only a few mediocre experiences there over almost 10 years.

      1. CCC has good salads. I don't eat meat & they are good about substituting. Never been to CFP, but with Pitfire just a few steps south, I don't see any reason to go. Pitfire's salads are good, too, & they are really nice in there. I am a little disappointed that they have installed a TV. Grrrr!