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Dec 16, 2009 08:57 AM

French Onion Soup as a main course

I'm going to be serving French onion soup au gratin as a main course for four people. What one, or two, other dishes(could be appetizer, salad, side dish) do you think would best compliment the soup?

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  1. I usually add a platter of meats, cheeses (even though the soup has bread and cheese on top), olives, and a green salad with a bright vinaigrette.

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    1. re: lsmutko

      that sounds perfect!

      how about a raspberry linzer torte for dessert?

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        Thanks for the replies. They all sound great!

        I'm already doing a cherry pie for dessert and was considering doing mushroom caps with a bread crumb, celery, shallot, parmesan, butter and sherry stuffing.

        The salad with pear and a light vinaigrette sounds like it would be a nice balance to the baked cheese on the soup.

        Keep 'em coming.

      2. escargot in mushroom caps!

        classic duo!
        served with lovely grilled toast and a nice salad with pear and pecans.

        1. Maybe some sort of quiche?

          1. I ended up going with the stuffed mushrooms I mentioned above for an appetizer.

            Then a fresh spinach and pear salad, with a fresh tangerine vinaigrette, with topped with chopped bacon bits and pistachios.

            Then the soup.

            And a home made cherry pie with Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream for dessert.

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