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Dec 16, 2009 08:47 AM

Thin crust pizza in NW Nassau County?

Can anyone recommend a good thin crust pizza joint near Great Neck. Gino's has always been the local standby, but maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, because I now crave the super thin crust pizzas they keep featuring.

I'll travel a bit, but ideally it will be relatively close.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Eddies in New Hyde Park for extra thin crust pizza, Salvatores in Port Washington. Yummy brick oven!

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    1. re: Paperking

      Like coal oven thin or a regular pizza that happens to be thin?

      For a regular thin slice I like Rosa's in Port Washington, Cugini in Mineola/GardenCity Park and Mama Theresa's in GCP.
      But my favorite thin regular slice is in Queens - Fresh Meadows Pizzeria (well worth hopping off the LIE for). And, also in Queens, New Park Pizza just off the Belt in Howard Beach.
      For coal oven thin I likeGrimaldi's in Garden City and the new one in Douglaston.
      And that reminds me, great thin crust pizza at Centre Pizza in Douglaston/Little Neck on the LIE North Service Road.
      Hungry now...

      1. re: EM23

        I was in Centre Pizza a couple of weeks ago for a kids party but I somehow didn't manage to sample the pizza. That may be a good choice.

        I'll also try Grimaldi's. I think I'm looking for something other than just a thin crust, although I'm going by what I saw on television, so I'll just have to do some sampling.


    2. Right in Great Neck, Michael Angelo's (354 Great Neck Road, 516-466-4698) is quite good and very thin. And the pizza at Oevo is excellent.

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      1. re: EZ Pass

        Closed. It has been there at least 15 years. I don't know how they survived that long in such a bad spot. No foot traffic, tough parking and an out of the way location. Good, unique pizza that will be missed.

      2. I second Salvatore's Coal Oven Pizza in Port Washington!

        1. Grimaldi's in Garden city is very good. Pizza margherita.

          The new Luzzo's (westbury) can be great, but I think they bit off more than they can chew (no pun intended) with an oversized chain, sized restaurant. The service is bizarre and the other night they kep on spraying air freshener -a really floral one - gross. Pizza Diavlo

          Bertucci's (I know it's a chain) but they are certified from Naples - so they are the real deal. Again, on a good night - it is very good. A bad night - not so much! Pizza bella venetzia or margherita

          1. Definitely Eddie's in NHP on Hillside Ave. My parents have been going there for years. Grimaldi's in GC is also good too.