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Dec 16, 2009 08:14 AM

buying chopsticks in New York City

What is the best place to buy chopsticks (any style) in Manhattan above Houston street?

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  1. Try Sunrise Market @ 9th st. & 3rd Ave. 2nd fl. (not the best best, but suitable and well priced).

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    1. re: honeybea

      Oh, for the best best, maybe Takashimaya on 5th.

    2. Pearl River mart is the best, but it is a couple of blocks below Houston

      1. H Mart in Korea Town (32nd bet 5/6 ave)

        Or if you would venture below Houston, Kam Man on Canal st has an excellent selection.

        1. I realize the OP asks above Houston, but for anyone interested, the best place to find an array of quality Chinese-type chopsticks is at a specialty store in Chinatown, 50 Mott Street.