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Dec 16, 2009 07:55 AM

La Bagel Delight on 7th Avenue in PS: Thoughts?

They've been in the neighborhood forever, and they seem to do a booming business. I'm curious what CHers think about them....

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  1. Crappy big bready bagels. Among the worst I've ever had. Bagel Hole in South Slope has the best bagels I know of in all NYC; you can also pick up Bagel Hole bagels, at least on weekends, at D'Vine Taste at 7th & Garfield.

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      I agree that Bagel Hole bagels are better, at least to my taste, but we rarely get bagels at LBD. We do stop in occasionally for a sandwich and we're always surprised by (a) the lines and (b) how fast they move. And we like their sandwiches (although my wife makes difference choices than I do).

    2. I like their bagels as good fresh bread products (have a nice mulitigrain as well as the classics), but they are decidedly NOT old fashioned crunchy NY bagels and people who like that style will deplore these.. Nice service and good quality spreads.

      1. Not the best bagels (Bagel Hole is far superior, as noted), but convenient for a serviceable bagel on the run, an egg sandwich, a lunch sandwich, and they do nice catering platters. I'd certainly rather have them around than a lot of the other boring bodegas or another bank or realtor.

        1. They make lousy bagels but delicious Boars Head sandwiches. They used to have the best home made roast beef IMO, however, I believe the DOH was imposing too many rules. I really miss their rare roast beef.