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Dec 16, 2009 06:55 AM

Buche de Noel

Does anyone have a recommendation about where to get one? I'm in Glendale so a bakery on this side of town would be great.

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  1. Portos on Brand Ave in Glendale

    1. Hello! I bought a lovely buche at Champagne Bakery in Los Angeles...

      1. I just got an email from the Little Next Door on Third Street in Los Angeles, promoting their Buche.

        1. I know La Maison du Pain makes them, but if you're in Glendale I would second the suggestion you try Portos first.

          1. I am going today (Saturday) to The Little Door, Champagne and Susina Bakeries to check out their Buche de Noel's respectively... I hope I can buy a slice of each type and go home and have a fun taste test with a couple of friends. Will report back results Sunday if I can come down from the sugar rush tonight!!!

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              I'm guessing Susina will not have by the slice - but ask them for similar cake like Bear.

              Show pics!

              1. re: Food Good

                Sorry no pics but I will try to get some Weds when I pick it up...

                Well none of the aforementioned shops had any 'by the slice to taste so I had to go with the look and vibes. First off ,IMHO forget Champagne, I went there last and it paled by comparison to the other two as a bakery. I am sure some things are good there but since there seem to be like 7 or 8 stores it's not that homey kind of place. Susina had some beautiful pastrys and cakes and the Buche de Noel looked great, especially the top which was really done up elegantly. The price was like $50.00 to serve 8-10 people. (Note: All of the bakeries I went too had a much thinner idea of what a slice is per person than I did so please add extra if you order by phone or the web) Then I went to The Little Door which is located in their Cafe so its a bit busy (it was Saturday though) They have a choice of 4 different Buche de Noel's. (on their website) They had one out and although the top was not as intricate as Susina's, the actual roll of cake had like 4 or 5 layers (circles) Susina's had like 3 or so. Little Door's cake part with the Susina's topping would be perfect but alas its not to be.

                My choice was The Little Door because the cake looked very nice and the fact that there was 4 different logs to choose from. The prices were all similar and Susina's top did look very festive but since you do EAT the cake part I went with TLD. Sophie at TLD was very helpful and promised to ask the baker to try to make the outside a little more elegant for me so.....

                1. re: winstars

                  The Buche de Noel from The Little Door were very, very nice... Beautiful looking and everyone went 'wow" at them... I did one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day (the 9 inch ones) and they were great... $98.00 for two (which each served 8 to 10 people per) were a bit pricey but for the 'once a year vibe' it seemed worth it.... Next time I might try to make them myself!!!!!!!

                  1. re: winstars

                    They had a Buche de Noel marked down from $25 to $20 at Wholesome Choice in Anaheim Hills yesterday... ;-)

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Maybe we should just have them on the 26th and save save save. I am gonna try to make my own next year... I can do it I think. Although, they really were impressive, we even passed them around the table before in tribute like in Godfather Part 2 in Havana with the heads of all the companies and criminals pass that solid gold phone around. (except for Hyman Roth of course.... LOL