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Dec 16, 2009 05:20 AM

child friendly dinner between Providence and Bretton Woods

Looking for recommendations for a quick but good dinner on the way to Bretton Woods Friday evening. A number of posts mentioned Manchester, NH, but I am having trouble finding the link. Any type of Asian food usually works with my child, I figure he will have lots of hamburgers and hot dogs at the mountain!

Also, if by some chance we get all the way up there by dinnertime (unlikely with my husband;s schedule), what would be good for a casual dinner? Rosa Flamingo, Fabian's Station, Stickney's? It will need to be close by...

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  1. If you shared the most likely route you will take, I could make some more specific suggestions. Would you want to know about chains, close to the highway? Or do you prefer to go out of your way a bit for better food?

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      We will take 93 North to Franconia Notch. It should take about 3.5 hours from Providence to Bretton Woods, if we don't get stuck in Boston traffic which is likely to happen. I am not fond of food chains, although I don't mind diners if they have good food. We can go slightly off track, I just don't want to prolong the trip too long, my 6 y.o. will get restless...

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        Here's a good link to restaurants (mostly Asian) in Manchester. Look for the link the the NH magazine article too.

        I think Manchester is your best bet for an eating stop. I don't remember ever going to a restaurant along 93 outside of there that I would go to again, or would recommend to anyone else. And if you're coming from Providence, it will be hard to find food up here that can compare to what you are used to!

        And enjoy Bretton Woods, one of my favorite mountains in New England!

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          child friendly and speedy on a Friday night can be tricky
          If you get as far as Concord NH you can make a slight detour to Rt 89 but get off at the first exit. There's another Chen Yang Li in Bow as you come off the ramp (turn left).
          For downtown Concord: take I93/ exit 13, turn left for south Main St. I don't think you will want anything crowded so skip the Common Man. About opposite the Capital Center for the Arts on the right (east side of the st) there is Beijing Tokyo. A decent family restaurant. Parking available in the back if there's not a spot on the street. Or, continuing north on Main St you will find Siam Orchid for Thai food. You will probably have to get in the left lane so you can park on a side street next to the State House. After your meal, the restaurant is right on the corner where you want to make a right hand turn to get back on I93.
          Expect Friday night northbound traffic on I93 to be very heavy thru Concord and possibly as far as exit 17. Between exit 13 and 15 is can be almost stop and go around 5pm but usually eases up after you get past exit 14.
          Or, the pizza at Nonni's in the Holiday Inn is good. Nonni's is a local restaurant.
          If you can make it past Concord, there's the Smoke Shack at exit 17 in Boscawen NH. It got mixed reviews from one visitor. It's very casual, having started out as take-out only. I love their macaroni and cheese and I usually get the barbecued brisket.
          Or, if you can be brave about taking a slight detour ... Get off I93 at exit 17. Turn right off the ramp, go thru town of Boscawen and bear right at the fork, staying on Rt 3 which will take you to Franklin NH. In downtown Franklin we love Asian Delight. It's rarely crowded unless there is something going on at the Opera House next door. It is basically a Thai restaurant but offers some Korean and Japanese dishes. I had some yummy bibambip last week but DH's favorites are fried rice and Massaman curry. The restaurant is on your left. If you continue north on Rt 3 thru the town of Tilton you will be able to get back on Rt 93 at exit 20. This is the area of the outlet malls. There is also a small Thai restaurant in a small strip plaza which some people say is better than Asian delight. I think we've only been there once or twice. I'm going to say to turn just after you go past the Tilton Diner.
          If you're in the mood for fried clams there's a real hole in the wall kind of place called the Pizza Market in Franklin NH on Rt 3A. To get there you would also take exit 17 and head north on Rt 3. When you get to the traffic lights in Franklin, continue straight on Rt 3A going toward Bristol. The Pizza Market will be on your left a couple of miles from the lights. Very friendly. Large portions. Might look a little rough but it's family friendly. DS likes to take his family there on Friday nights. To get back to Rt 93, go back to the lights but turn left to get back on Rt 3, going over the river, past the high school etc thru downtown Franklin and Tilton to Exit 20/Rt 93.

          1. re: dfrostnh

            Thank you for all your wonderful recommendations, and traffic warnings. In terms of the latter, do you think we are better taking 95N and joining 93N north of Boston in either Woburn or above Manchester? We usually pick up 93 South of Boston on our way out of Providence...If we could be on the road by 3, we may just stick it out all the way up, any later and we will have to stop to feed the guys--both get cranky without food!

            1. re: bawc

              I live north of Concord NH and go Rt 93 - Rt 3 - Rt 495 to Rt 95 when I go to Providence. I make occasional trips to the southern Rt 495 area leaving around 3pm and stopping in Nashua to shop (including the nice little Thai grocery on Rt 101A). The traffic is heavy on the Rt 3 section but 495 never seems bad at all but I travel on a Monday, not Friday. I consider all of Rt 93 from Boston north to Manchester to have a lot of traffic most of the time. Probably depends on the mileage and how soon you can get thru Boston.

              1. re: dfrostnh

                We make that drive (actually to the St. Johnsbury area) every week, usually on Friday nights. But we leave the Attleboro area around 7pm so we don’t deal with any traffic issues, it isn’t worth the headaches. We prefer to eat locally then leave and not stress about hitting traffic or finding food (although we know plenty of quick places for a sub along the way) or eating late because of traffic etc.

                Maybe you should think about eating first and then hoping the kids fall asleep on the way up………..

                1. re: River19

                  We usually do the same when we head to NYC, but my husband hopes to be home by 2:30, and on the road within the hour. He actually works in Attleboro! So given that we will hit some traffic, are we better off picking up 93 in Woburn, or taking rt. 3 and picking up further north?

                  1. re: bawc

                    We returned from a lovely trip. Of course, we left later than planned, but made good time going the suggested route: 495 to 3N to 93. Ended up at Applebees by exit 20--not my first choice, but it was palatable. We didn't want to go too far off track, and the weather was -8! Best of all my son fell asleep right after dinner and we transferred him without waking to bed! We are going back at the end of January, so hopefully I can use your suggestions then...