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Make ahead stuffed mushrooms?

I would like to have a stuffed mushroom appetizer for a holiday party but don't want to spend time in the kitchen when people are showing up. How do I prepare so that all I have to do is bake. Can I stuff them and keep in refridgerator for a few hours without them turning?

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  1. I've done this and it works fine. My stuffing has onions, garlic, mushroom stems, panko, parsley- sometimes cheese. I saute the stuffing and fill the mushrooms then put in the fridge to bake later. You can also bake them and serve room temp.

    Another good make ahead appetizer is crostini. Slice a baguette and brush with olive oil and bake till crisp. You can store them in a ziplock bag. Lots of topping choices- white bean dip, hummus, spinach/artichoke dip, tomato or eggplant bruschetta...

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      thank you so much. I will try the crostini with my spinach dip at christmas!

    2. I always make them a day ahead, cover and refrigerate with NO problems. They are always the first thing to go.

      1. I make the spinach-feta stuffed mushrooms from the original Silver Palate and they are really good. You can make the stuffing as far ahead as you like and freeze it. You can stuff the mushrooms earlier in the day and just bake them as needed. One tip for this recipe: just lightly stuff the mushrooms, don't pack the stuffing in. I can paraphrase the recipe if you are interested.

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          thanks for the tip about overstuffing. This is my first try. I would love the recipe, thanks!

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            Here you go, ingredients as published [with my annotations], directions praphrased.

            Silver Palate Stuffed Mushrooms

            [I use a 1 lb bag of frozen chopped spinach and triple the other stuffing ingredients. This keeps a long time in the freezer in an old mayo jar or similar and is also great in stuffed thick pork chops.]

            12 medium mushroom caps [or if doing as finger food use a larger number of small mushrooms]
            1 T olive oil
            1 T butter
            1/2 cup finely chopped yellow onion
            2 T chopped walnuts [I use whole pine nuts]
            1 garlic clove, minced
            5 oz frozen chopped spinach, thoroughly defrosted and squeezed very dry
            1 oz feta cheese, crumbled
            1 oz gruyere [I usually use parmesan and I have been known to just use double the feta]
            2 T minced fresh dill [really makes the recipe, try not to cheat with dried]
            S&P to taste

            Sauté onion in oil and butter till very soft, add nuts and garlic and sauté briefly, add spinach and sauté stirring frequently another 5 minutes or so, take off heat and cool, then add dill and cheeses and a bit of salt and pepper and combine well. Freeze at this point if desired.

            Preheat oven to 375. Wipe mushrooms, remove stems and stuff very lightly, not packing in the stuffing or compressing it. Put mushrooms on an oiled baking dish or cookie sheet and bake for about 20 minutes. I find that these just disappear at parties as finger food; with larger so-called stuffing mushrooms they make a very nice side dish with a roast.

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            Would this stuffing hold for 2 days in fridge? Or would you recommend freezing? Thanks.

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              Yes, it will be fine. Maybe don't add the cheese until day you're making them.

          3. Yes, you can. But make sure your mushrooms are very, very fresh. They begin to deteriorate quickly once they've been stemmed and it's best to fill them as soon after stemming as possible. Once stuffed, you can just cover them with foil, refrigerate, and pop them in the oven when you want to.

            Here is an excellent Michael Field recipe for mushroom croustades that I've been making for decades. Although I do usually make the croustades as a container, I've baked the duxelles in mushroom caps as well. The duxelles can be made the day before, but it's easier to work with if you bring it to room temp before trying to fill the caps.


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              Ah, JoanN, these sound lovely. And I like the croustade idea better than the caps themselves. I always think the caps are going to taste better than they do :) Thank you.

            2. I stuff mushroom caps with a butter-rich combination of torn-up stale Italian bread, garlic, capers and finely minced roasted red peppers. Typically the seasonings include basil and Tabasco and plenty of black pepper. These end up tasting great when I make them the day before and refrigerate. The seasonings and melted butter end up permeating the mushrooms over time.

              The fact that they're refrigerated also renders the insides moister, even when I use a 450 degree oven to get great caramelization on the outsides.

              1. I like a stuffing of chopped stems (duxelles works best, but they should at least have excess moisture squeezed out), chopped smoked oysters, cream cheese and cracker crumbs. A dash of worcestershire doesn't hurt, either. I don't have a recipe because I've always made these by eyeball, like devilled eggs - mix it all together until it's the right consistency and tastes good, and the cook gets to snack on what's left over. How bad can that be?

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                  I added some salt, minced onion, Italian parsley and a dash of sirachi .yummy

                2. most of the recipes call for a light par cook of the mushrooms. While this works well , when holiday cooking I frequently am multi- tasking.. So I will put the mushrooms in the freezer for just a few minutes. If its the only item I'm cooking I will saute with some fat and a smidge of alcohol or lemon to prevent some of the browning.....It does provide a better result I think. But when pressed for time or doing lots the freezer works well. If you stuff fresh mushroom - you can freeze for a couple of days if necessary. cell walls break down much like cooking....and then cook after thawing

                  1. I told a friend about the rave reviews on this board about the sausage-cream cheese stuffed mushrooms from epicurious, and she made them and brought me in a couple the next day. They were really good even the second day.


                    1. I am making a big batch of stuffed mushroom for Christmas for my (new) big Italian family this holiday....they love the classics and lots of sausage (sausage and peppers is their favorite dish!). Any suggestions from long-time makers? I read the Epicurious recipe and loved that but I like the texture (and price) of adding bread crumbs. Also the Epicrious one does not pre-saute like some recipes (Rachel Ray does). Don't remember when I made them long time ago I pre-sauteed the mushrooms but want to be sure.

                      I have to make a batch of about 50-60. and welcome any input, thanks in advance.

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                        I always saute onions and garlic for stuffed mushrooms. I've never seen a recipe that had raw onions go into the caps.

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                          Actually, I meant if anyone could offer experience as to whether to pre-cook the mushroom caps before stuffing and baking.....I see it differing in different recipes.

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                            I think the mushrooms should be blanched in some manner........either with a parbake - saute or as I posted above a light freeze. To me, baking mushrooms is a method - what differs is the stuffing. Big mushroms especially tend to dry out slightly if not parcooked. Mushrooms also tend not to get cooked enough - but that depends on type of stuffing and lenght time,temp etc I like th mushroom cooked with juices running out - some people like them less cooked and more supportive of the stuffing. That has a lot to do with the parcook or not question, which effect are you looking for?

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                              In the reviews for the epicurious recipe, several people mention that the mushrooms were less watery when they par-baked the caps before baking. When my friend made them, she didn't and hers were a little watery. When I make them, I'm going to par-bake.

                        2. I'm guilty of making stuffed mushrooms for my parties, gatherings, dinners you name it almost all the time. I do because if I don't some will always ask, "did you make stuffed mushrooms?" They are one of the best apps to prepare in advance, I just let the chill come off first before I cook them. Most of the time I put them in a saute pan and then in the oven, that way the mushrooms is really nicely cooked and since I use butter, it contributes to the overall flavor. There are so many variations, the only thing I can add is that if you have an ingredient that needs cooking such as onion and garlic, or bacon, be sure to cook it.

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                            Great tip to put them in a saute pan on the stove top with a little butter. I'm definitely going to do that next time. Thanks!

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                              I use the largest white mushroom caps I can find. That way it holds alot of stuffing.
                              After reading so many entries and different ways, I can add that I know what I like, and it isn't a mushroom that's stuffed and baked and undercooked. I use the stems in the stuffing, so that with onions, garlic and ham or pruscuitto go into a saute pan. I add bread crumbs and then cheeses. The cheese make it all sort of come together. Then I stuff the raw mushrooms, and then saute the whole lot for a few mins in butter. Then add more topping such a melty cheese like mozz or fontina, and more dry bread crumbs and then under the broiler. They end up like small pizzas.
                              To each their own, and this is my way.