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Dec 16, 2009 02:08 AM

Great restaurant easy to get to from Baltimore beltway

Can you recommend a good restaurant for a Saturday lunch that is easy for out-of-towners to find from the Baltimore beltway? It has to be easy to reach from the beltway. It would be great if it were pleasant atmosphere, unique, fun -- but the most important consideration is that the food is good. Price, up to $50 per person without alcohol. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. That's a bit vague. What part of the beltway? It could be a 30 minute trip from the Towson exits to 295 exit. What type of food? Any restrictions?

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      They are jumping onto the Baltimore beltway from DC (I-97) and taking it to I-83 north to continue into PA. No restrictions; any type of food. The biggest problem is how easy it is to navigate to the restaurant (don't want to get them lost).

    2. The Beltway requirement really reduces your selection. Off the top of my head, all I can think of is Catonsville Gourmet off 695, Mari Luna Latin Grille in Pikesville, and Oregon Grille off 83. But I don't know which of these are open for Sat lunch (check their websites).

      If you can convince your out-of-towners to "bisect the Beltway" (e.g. take 95 north past downtown, through the tunnel, and up to 695), I'd recommend the Wine Market. Less than 5 minutes off of 95 in Locust Point, and easy parking in their own lot.

      1. i would second the Mari Luna Latin Grille in Pikesville. Reisterstown Road maybe 1 mile inside the Beltway on the righthand side.

        1. okee dokee! Thanks for the suggestions!

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            I second Catonsville of my favorite new restaurants.

          2. Hunan Taste is authentic Chinese (rather than the usual Americanized version) in an elegant atmosphere, and it's absolutely simple to get to from the Beltway. I think that covers most of the points, but whether H.T. will be appropriate depends in part on how adventurous your guests are, and exactly what time they open on Saturdays compared to your desired dining hour.

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              Four of us ate at Hunan Taste last Saturday for lunch and it was a bit disappointing. It is a pretty place, and the servers are very nice although not always attentive. But this was my second lunch visit and the food disappointed. The crispy beef was very good; it was everyone's favorite. But the chicken used for the chicken dishes was pre-cooked and did not taste good. I liked the shrimp toast. I tried the tea tree mushrooms with pork in a hot pot and it was not to my taste. Again, the pork bits tasted old. I really want to like this place but am losing faith.

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                Wow, I thought it was just me. I've been to Hunan Taste twice for lunch and while it's good service in a nice setting, the food hasn't been all that. We got the crispy duck last time, on their recommendation, and it was extremely salty. The hot spicy squid is the only thing I would get again. I wanted to like them too, but they need to do better in order to pull me away from the bulgogi and kimchi fried rice with fish egg at the food court.