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Dec 15, 2009 09:51 PM

Kelowna for Christmas any Restaurant suggestions

My Wife and I will be in Kelowna for christmas and are wondering if there are any good restaurants that will be open on December 25th, for lunch and diner.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Unfortunately, the options in Kelowna are going to be limited on Christmas day - Bouchons, Raudz, the Old Vines Restaurant at Quails Gate Winery and the Sunset Bistro at the Summerhill Winery are among the many places that will beclosed. We would suggest checking the Wild Apple at the Manteo Resort, and the Lakeside Dining Room at the Eldorado Hotel as the best possibilities for that day.

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      The Lakeside dining room is closed on Dec 25th but I will check the Wild Apple at the Manteo. Fortunetly Bouchons is open on Dec 24th so we will get a chance to go there.

    2. the restaurant at the Cove Resort is open!

      1. I would like to ask the same question regarding restaurants in Summerland, or possibly Penticton. A friend and I, both senior widows, have been invited out (separately) on days near Xmas, for what is being called "Christmas Dinner". However, neither of us has anywhere to go on Christmas Day, so thought we might go to a restaurant, if there is, in fact, one open in the area that day.

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          this is an excellent topic - not all of us cook or care to be in a big gathering (my older friend was telling me how last year she was included in a 30-people plus gathering and it was a bit frantic busy for her what with plates perched on guests laps and kids running around)

          back to your question - I would suggest treating yourselves to a night at the Naramata Heritage Inn, Naramata BC

          I don't know what meals they serve on Christmas Day - etc - however, here is their contact info

          edit to add - here's another place to contact that has a nice atmosphere / unique setting - in Summerland

          of course, there is the Lakeside Inn down on the water in Penticton - I assume they have food service that day - we've been for business lunches etc and it's nice for a small town like Penticton