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Dec 15, 2009 09:01 PM

ISO: Citrus for marmalade

Hello all,

So, I'm all excited about trying to make marmalade for the first time for Christmas, but I haven't been able to find anything but ordinary oranges and lemons in my local grocery stores. I know it's a bit early for seville oranges, but what about blood oranges, or meyer lemons? Any sightings? Suggestions for good places to go? (Good selection, and reasonably cheap?)


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  1. The season (yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a season) for Sevilles is February. Blood oranges and Meyer lemons are real crap here because they are picked far too soon. I don't know what they would be like in marmalade, but I am skeptical. Try grapefruit. They are now a bit early, but I think that they are your best bet. Canned seville oraqnges for marmalade used to be available- try looking.

    1. Total waste of money trying to make marmalade from blood oranges and Meyers. Bloods are wonderful for eating and juicing. Sevilles might start to show up in early/mid January. Most come from around Yuma AZ--also a major lemon-growing area thanks to high heat.Sevilles have thicker, tougher skins and less pulp than navels or valencias. The boiling required for marmalde dissolves the rind of thinner skinned citrus. Be patient. They'll show up.

        1. Not sure if you're familiar with the Karma co-op, but that's the only place I have ever seen Seville oranges in Toronto. Maybe Whole Foods though

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            I have seen Sevilles in at the wholesalers. They are available at a number of places. But Sevilles require cooking. You have to downmarket your sourcing.

            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              They show up every year at Longo's, Highland Farms and some Loblaws and always sell fast. I make a load every year and that's where I source mine. The window is only about 2 weeks max, so start looking early next month. Also, most Canadian Tire stores still have canning jars, lids, parafin, etc.

          2. You can get reasonably priced Meyer lemons at Arz, but I doubt these would make decent marmalade.