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Dec 15, 2009 08:46 PM

Dinner in South Pas?

I am meeting a date in South Pasadena for dinner tonight, I have read about a couple of spots - Firefly, Shiro . . . but don't see alot of chatter about them on chowhound. Wondering what your opinions are on good dinner spots in South Pas for two people who appreciate a good meal of any kind.

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  1. Shiro's catfish is still excellent. Not much new there, so not much chatter.

    1. Firefly: I haven't been there in a couple of years. The food isn't nearly as good as the space. Brunch is the best meal I've had there (most of the dining area is a very pleasant patio, perhaps better suited to daytime or warm evening dining).

      Shiro: It's good, reliable; the catfish preparation, though now somewhat cliche, is nevertheless tasty.

      In South Pas, my favorites are Mike & Anne's and Bistro de la Gare.

      1. Shiro is great. While he's not always in the kitchen, the food is generally very solid.

        Other choices to consider in the same area would be Malbec or Cafe Verde.

        I would pass on Firefly.

        1. Thank you all, your help is much appreciated as I slowly explore my way through the restaurant and food scene here . . . I don't have the same foodie community here that I did in New York, so I a appreciate being able to join yours. I hope someday I might be able to help with something too, but right now I am just new and mostly asking for help.

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            Getting out of South Pasadena will improve your qualitative search issues immensely.
            For chinese, endless possibilities exist, yet not in So. Pas.
            For all other cuisines, go to Pasadena, or further. So. Pas is not known as a qualitative dining option.

            1. re: ryl

              I live in So. Pas, and our favorite spot is Mike and Anne's. It is your basic neighborhood bistro. The space is nice, although a bit loud. I prefer to eat out on the patio if the weather is nice. My only complaint is that the menu is a bit too static. Still I really like the short ribs and the spicy calamari risotto. Shiro is good, but I think it is overpriced.


              1. re: Terahertz

                Mike and Anne's is great, I also like their short ribs. Great breakfast there too