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Dec 15, 2009 07:22 PM

Found: Riedel Stemware at Markville HomeSense

Hello All,

My apologies if this is a double post- I couldn't find any information on this find on the board.

I did want to draw attention to a find made earlier today- the HomeSense at Markville Mall is carrying Riedel stemware at a discounted price. For example, I picked up a case of four (Merlot) for $34.49. There isn't much selection (and since this is Winners, they're sure to be seconds), however it could be worth some chowhound's time.


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  1. I picked up some single glasses at Home Sense in Whitby about two or three weeks ago for about $5 each. Red wine and champagne, which was cheaper than the box of four. Same glasses, just at a discount. I worked for me.

    Home Sense sometimes has some good deals, it just takes a few trips to see what the current stock is at the moment.