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Dec 15, 2009 06:51 PM

Soup Recipes?

So where is a good place to find excellent soup recipes?

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  1. Cache, one of the great features of chowhound is that you can see related threads underneath this you see them? It will help you get started...soup is a BIG topic here...also might help if you specify a little...are you looking for brothy? Creamy? With meat? No meat? Here's a pretty recent thread:

    1. In my mind, I like rustic soup recipes.......chicken or pork based......sometimes I prefer more broth and other times more hearty soups which have beans or legumes . Sometimes I am into the Asian Noodle bowls.

      I'm not into the carrot ginger curry cumin coconut concoctions.....and other such combinations along that line. Search with's your friend.

      1. Here is one of my favorites. I have tried the French lentil with sausage which was excellent and also the pear and Roquefort which was ... well interesting. But the rest look really good and I have had found some delish recipes on great grub.

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          Thanks, i will check out that site. I was looking for a site that is dedicated to just soup. I'm stuck of testing recipes on sites like allrecipes that rate well and turn out so-so at best. I think they find these on the back of soup cans!