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Dec 15, 2009 06:42 PM

Kebab Factory disappointment

Took the family to KF last Saturday. Based on reviews here and on yelp, I had pretty high expectations (keeping in mind that it's a buffet). The half-hour wait in the cold raised my expectations even more. Unfortunately, we were disappointed. I expect buffets to be dumbed-down as far as spicing. I do not expect everything to sort of taste blandly the same. The best dish was shrimp tikka masala --- the shrimp was perfectly cooked, but the sauce was too sweet. The same sweetness showed up in the palak paneer.

In the end, we would have been better off at Kathmandu Spice. KS dumbs down the spicing of their buffet too, but they don't have the gluey sauces, and each dish tastes different.

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  1. What do you mean by "dumbed-down" spicing?

    1. If by dumbed-down, you mean they don't do anything particularly hot, I agree with you. I do think the dishes taste different, though.

      1. How would you compare it to Punjabi Dhaba?

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          I wouldn't, because PD is a grimy counter-service place and KF is a casual dining place. They both serve some variety of Indian food, I guess.