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Dec 15, 2009 06:20 PM

Seafood in Kansas City?

hey all - We're spending xmas in KC - need a market to buy seafood for seven fishes Christmas Eve - Just a store with fresh seafood and a good variety.


Thanks so much! Happy Holidays.

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  1. In which part of the metro area would you be shopping?

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    1. re: amyzan

      oh yes, that's a good point - we'll be over in the overland park/shawnee side of the city.

      So what is that? Northwest.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      1. re: steponstar

        I'd suggest calling the nearest Hen House and asking for the buyer in the seafood department to see if they have what you want. I've had good luck with their buyers on customer service than anywhere else. You could also use Whole Foods at 91st and Metcalf, but would likely pay more for similar product. There used to be an Asian market on 87th that carried good locally farmed tilapia, but I don't know where that product is carried now that the grocery closed. Maybe another hound could help with that. You might want something more special than farmed tilapia for the holidays anyway? There's also a company that sends a truck up from the Gulf throughout the Midwest with fresh fish and seafood about once a month. The closest they come is Lawrence, and sell out of a parking lot at Raco car wash. I'm not for sure what the December date is, but could probably find out if you're interested. Otherwise, you'll want to drive into downtown KC to one of the Asian markets near City Market for fresh fish this time of year.

    2. We always have real good luck with the seafood department at Hen House at 119th and Row. Good luck.

      1. You might also try the new 888 Market. It's an Asian grocery store that recently moved into a full-size grocery space in an affluent neighborhood just around the loop from where you'll be. I haven't been there yet, but reports mention that " the seafood section has live periwinkles, oysters, lobsters, crab, and more. There are also large tanks containing live tilapia, large mouth bass, and catfish."

        888 Market
        10118 w 119th st
        Overland Park, KS 66212

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          I knew another hound would know! Thanks, heatherkay. I'm so glad to know the new location. Steponstar, 888 Market is the grocery I mentioned above as having the fresh locally farmed tilapia that's so good.