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Dec 15, 2009 06:01 PM

Rec near Kramarczuk's (MSP)?

I am supposed to meet some people for a very casual business meeting over dinner in a couple of days. I just learned that Kramarczuk's, where the group agreed to meet, closes at 8 pm during the week, and this will not give us enough time. I would appreciate recommendations in the area near Kramarczuk's that are casual and moderately priced. Thank you!

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  1. The first place that comes to mind is Brasa. A quick check of their website says they close at 9pm. They fit your criteria of casual, moderately priced (and delicious), but I am not sure how easy it would be to fit 8 people since it is small and generally popular. Beyond that idea, I do not tend to eat in that area very often so you will have to rely on other posters.

    1. tossing out a few ideas close by.

      red stag supperclub-- local/sustainable, perhaps not moderate prices?
      nye's polonaise room-- kitchy, "fun," can be quite expensive
      butcher block-- new (former fugaise space) open late night, chicken wings plus italian menu
      keegan's-- irish pub, food not recommended
      ginger hop-- food not recommended
      whitey's-- neighborhood bar, bigger than average menu, moderate pricing
      mac's industrial-- ditto with smaller menu, better tap selection than whitey's
      bulldog-- better-than average burger bar, moderate prices
      brasa-- closes 9 pm, alex roberts' place, moderate plates, good family style meals
      wilde roast-- closes 10 pm, coffee/wine bar with menu, desserts, above average offerings, nice atmosphere, gay friendly.
      taraccino-- coffee shop, no food
      non-independents-- there is a panera bread right there, also a chipotle, and across the street is a breugger's bagels
      plus-- any of the places on st. anthony main, your choice of nonchallenging mass-appeal pseudo-ethnic menus, cocktails, perky staff freshly stepped up from an appleby's, generally below average food.

      other than that you're crossing the river to downtown, or going to dinkytown, or getting a little off the beaten path into southeast or neighborhood northeast or north. not necessarily a bad idea but will require driving and parking and crap. . .

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        forgot to mention mairin's table and gardens of salonica, but they may close too early for your party

        1. re: soupkitten

          Mairin's closed, unfortunately.

          Emily's Lebanese or The Modern would have my vote. I don't know that Brasa is as conducive to a business meeting, especially if it is busy.

          If you need something that is walking distance, I would go with Red Stag, which can be formal or informal, depending on what you want out of the experience.

      2. In addition to the great suggestions that were already made, I'd also suggest Toast as an alternative. It's right over the river in Heritage Landing and I assume you'll be able to get a table.

        1. -Brasa would be my first choice, but getting more than 4 in there will be tough.
          -Bulldog might not be a bad choice. Good burgers, nice beer selection.
          -If you can drive a little ways, Modern Cafe and Anchor Fish and Chips are only about a mile away (on either side of University and 13th).
          -Punch and Pizza Nea are two other possibilities.

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          1. re: BigE

            I love Punch. In fact we went to the one on Grand Ave. tonight.

            I wouldn't recommend it for a meeting though. I tried to hold a meeting for an organization I'm involved with there a couple months ago. The place attracted people, as I thought it would. That part worked. There were about 10 - 12 of us at the big long table in the middle and it was really noisy. The place was not really even full and it was just really hard to hear. Part of it was the banging of pans, I think. I don't remember the Grand Ave. St. Paul one being quite that loud, but that one definitely was for us, that night.

            1. re: karykat

              Thank you, karykat. It really helps to know about the noise issue.

          2. Butcher Block. You will have a better atmosphere for business discussion , if you need that. Everything is under $20, even though I'd pay more than that for the entrees.