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Where do I purchase cachaça?

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And is there a specific brand I should purchase or stay away from? Also, if you have a great caipirinha recipe you'd be nice enough to share, that would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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    1. I believe I saw it at Wally's just before Thanksgiving, and it's listed on their Web site: www.wallywine.com . Hint: to find cachaça online you often have to change the spelling to cachaca.

      Wally's Wine & Spirits
      2107 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

      1. I've bought it at the BevMo, specifically the one in West Hollywood. I've used Pitu for caipirinhas, and it's perfectly fine.

        I made these non-traditional "Christmas caipirinhas" for two parties last year and they were very well received. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/dri...

        1. All BevMo's carry it. I like the Leblon brand.

          1. Also, Top Line in Glendale/Loz Feliz area has it, and their prices are great.

            1. OK, so here's the thing. I drank Pitu and never really understood the hype. Then I met streetgourmetla who, through his travels to Brazil, has become a real cachaceiro. The last time I drank Pitu, it tasted like swill.

              Brands I like better:

              Leblon is OK if you're going to mix it in frozen drinks called batidas (pronounced "bah-CHEE-dhas"). The cold temperature lessens the bitterness of the Leblon.

              Ypioca is the best commonly-available cachça I've found. While I've had 51 and think it's good, it's not easy for me to find.

              I did buy a bottle of Germana (excellent, excellent) at Beverage Warehouse in Marina del Rey after tasting it, but MdR is too far for me to drive on a regular basis. They have a large selection of cachaça. I've heard reports of the staff trying to downsell (WTF?) cachaça and steer people to cheaper, mass-marketed brands. I liken this to someone telling you you don't need premium tequila when Cuervo Gold is only $8.99 a fifth.

              Caipirinhas are made by mashing a chunked-up lime (the juiciest one you can find) with a spoonful of sugar in a glass, adding ice, and pouring a healthy shot of good cachaça over the top. Garnish with a heaping helping of feijoada and drink.

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                There's a decent discussion of cachaça here, including streetgourmetla recommending some brands. I purchase mine from Beverage Warehouse.


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                  This is great.The world just gained another cachaceiro! Yeah, don't listen to the BW staff, go informed and grab the good stuff.

                  As DU and joshekg, I go to Beverage Warehouse, but Bevmo and the like are reliable for Ypioca and 51.