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My Place: A Canadian Pub

Has anyone been here lately, or at all?
Any suggestions for menu items?
Anything to avoid?
What are the portions like?

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  1. I was at My Place once, for dinner, about two weeks ago. It was a Tuesday so not busy and the service let our group of 8 take our time while staying attentive.

    I think everybody enjoyed their meals, with the biggest raves being my lamb shank the the pork special. Portions are generally appropriate, occasionally quite large (the pot pie was huge!), although I'm glad I started with the soup (cod cheek chowder, excellent).

    The vegetarian dishes may need a bit more care and attention, based on the feedback I heard about quesadillas, but overall everybody in a group should find something they like.

    The dining room doesn't totally have a pub feel so I found myself comparing to a regular nice restaurant, but when I thought about it as a pub, it was excellent. Prices are fair, not the greatest value in town but not unreasonable either.

    Definitely worth trying; I'd go back, happily.

    My Mom's Place
    309 Townsend St, Peterborough, ON K9J2K6, CA

    1. I went with two friends last weekend. The place was busy when we arrived and we were quickly seated close to the front door. We tried: mussels & clams with double smoked berkshire belly, the banquet burger, perch po' boy, and the chicken pot pie. Portion sizes were generous, particularly the burger. My friend was dissapointed with the po' boy, he said it was fine but no where near as good as the cheap take out po' boys he ate in New Orleans. I've been on a high end burger kick of late having tried My Place, Globe Bistro, and the Queen and Beaver within the last two weeks.

      My ranking:

      1)Globe- absolutely outstanding, the best burger I've ever had, extremely beefy flavour,
      2)Queen and Beaver- very juicy, hand chopped patty, cooked a little more than I prefer, but still excellent
      3)My Place-a finer grind than both Globe and Queen and Beaver, I was told that they cooked all their burgers to medium, I asked our server to ensure that my burger was indeed no more than medium. I received an almost rare burger, which was fine with me. A very good burger but not as beefy as the above two.

      The chicken pot pie was enjoyed. My friends comments: "Its plain but good".

      Overall, food was good but IMHO not very interesting and a little over priced. Service was efficient.

      My biggest problem with My Place is the ambiance, or lack there of. The place is large and has a corporate chain feeling to it. It's neither sophisticated nor cozy. Despite the quality of the food, I won't be making any special effort to return unless I'm in the area. There are better options.

      1. I've been there 3 times and each time I've gone downstairs to the "sports bar" area. I have had the poutine each time. The first two times it was really delicious (I am not a purist and I don't care about cheese squeaks so don't think this means "authentic"-- but it was a step above anything else I've had outside of Quebec). The most recent time I suspect they had run out of the delicious sticky pan drippings they use for gravy and had subbed in a less rich gravy that was seasoned differently. I liked it less. I had the portobello burger the first time (filling, tasty, but not worth a special trip) and the banquet burger the last time (large portion but $18, tasted ok, bacon was way too thick for me, burger was well done as I didn't specify otherwise). My friend had the pulled pork right after they opened and again last week and said that it was much better the first time as well. I also wish they had more interesting beer on tap.

        I really thought this place had promise when I first went there but this last trip was disappointing. I'm wondering if anyone else has been more than once and if they noticed a difference, or if they were just having one of those nights when we were there.

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          No, still up to par - try upstairs in the bar area or the resto, might be a better place to judge the place from. IMO the best place out that way & always enjoy the food when i go...
          can't wait to hit up the patio in the summer : )

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            I got the chance to try the patio a couple of times when it first opened. Beautiful space.

            Nice to see they're expanding the menu as well. I agree with the comments on the burger, definitely one of the bettter ones in the city. Everything else I've tried is very decent. They could probably expand the finger foods a bit.

            The space is going to be evolving. They're already doing well with the bands, and have the space on the second floor to figure out.

            Definitely beats the other pubs and casual restaurants in the area. Better service than the Griffin, and far more flavour than Dr. Mediocrity.

        2. I live in the neighbourhood and I've gone to My Place about 10 times. I'm not very anxious to go back. I've tried to love it, but I really have yet to find something on the menu (besides the fries, which are damn good) that makes me want to go back. As mentioned by other posters, the portions are generous. I've tried a number of different things - the burger I found way too seasoned, so salty I couldn't finish. I've written about the pulled pork and fish and chips in other posts. The po' boys and the fried chicken sandwiches taste remarkably similar - to me both very bland. The portobelo has been the best so far - but still, to me, there's something a bit off with it. I've tried the chicken drumsticks too and actually, I found them to be the worst thing there...pretty flavourless and not cooked as long as I would have liked. As you can see, I haven't really had any of their high end items, so I can't comment about them. Overall, the food isn't bad, but it's not fantastic - and I'd have to respectfully disagree with Snarf, I think Dr. Generosity's food has a lot more flavour. I really want to like this place, but so far, I'm finding it a struggle. It is a cavernous place and it doesn't seem to have much heart. We once invited a bunch of friends to try it and watch a Leaf game and we were embarrassed by our choice - nobody really loved their food, the atmosphere or the service.
          The patio is amazing though - so there's hope for the summer! Hope you have a good time.

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            Went a couple of weeks ago on a Sat night at 6 and less than impressed. My husband had the po boy and it was on stale bread, and a measly portion without any flavour. He had poutine on the side and it was swimming in so much gravy the waitress made a comment about it when she came by to ask how things were. I had the pulled pork and it was dry and seemed like it sat under the heat lamp too long. No wonder they serve it with sour cream - to add some moistness. Pretty poor. Still searching for something good, I ordered the homemade nanaimo bar and it was good, if too cold. And 2 large pieces in the order. The atmosphere was dreary, plus the room was freezing. I actually kept my coat on. I'm not a complainer by nature, and hate criticizing a place to my dining companion, but in my head, I was thinking that we would not be back...

            1. re: andygirl

              hm. I might need to talk my dining companions out of this one. Thanks.

          2. Thank you for all of your help!

            1. So, we ended up going despite the so-so reviews.
              The room is really nice, absolutely huge place, I don't know how theyre going to be able to sustain themselves... are they normally busy on a friday or saturday?
              We actually made a reservation, even though we were going to be there pretty early (5:30) since we weren't sure if there would be holiday party bookings. Unfortunately, they had lost our reservation (not that it mattered), and the hostess looked at me very seriously and said "but don't worry, we can fit you in", as if she was doing me a huge favour when the place was absolutely empty. I asked if we could have one of the booths with the little drawback curtains, but apparently "they're only for parties of 6". Strange- I'm sure I saw them occupied by two different parties of four, like our party, on our way out. I don't know why these places are not more "customer focused" when they have so few customers in the restaurant.
              Anyways, aside from that situation, the service was really great. Our server was more mature than what you find in most pub situations and was very good about checking up on us periodically throughout the meal for refills, cutlery, condiments etc.
              The food:
              To start we had the Ploughmans Plunder which included some nice french bread, ricotta cheese, honey comb, duck proscuitto, and two types of pates, as well as a few pickled veg and accompaniments. This was very nice, not the best pate I've ever had, but I really liked the ricotta with the fresh honey. The duck was a bit dull, but still not bad.
              We also tried two soups: Beet and cabbage borscht, which was really flavourful, with a nice acidity cut by the right amount of sour cream on top. Also tried the soup of the day, a Squash soup with lardons of bacon. This also was very nice for a cold night, but after having Brian Semenuk's butternut squash soup on monday, it seemed a bit dull. It needed some seasoning identity, whether that have been curry or maple/sweet. At least it had bacon, most things are worth eating with bacon, ha.
              Pulled pork sandwich with fries- two of us had this, and I agree with another poster on a previous post about the sour cream. Why is it there? Sour cream is meant to mellow out flavours, in my opinion, like when you have a mouth full of firey hot jalapenos on your nachos and need a cool down. This just washed out the flavour of the pork, so if I ordered it again, I'd say no sour cream.
              The buttermilk friend chicken sandwich and fries- actually, they turned out to be mini slider sandwiches (three). I tried a bite and while perfectly crispy, the chicken had no flavour and the sweet/sour onions kind of dominated the whole experience. She really loved it though, so maybe its a matter of taste.
              Steak sandwich and fries- this was the "Butchers Stack Sandwich" of the day. I had a bite and thought it was really nice actually. The beef was a perfect medium and very tender.
              We all agreed that the fries were fabulous.
              So with the 2 soups, pate platter, 4 beers, 4 mains, tax and tip, the total was about $155. Not bad, in my opinion.
              I do think this place has potential. Its a beautiful room and I hope it continues to work out the menu kinks. Since there was just so many things on the menu I wanted to try, I'd probably return when the patio is open. Thanks again for everyones advice!

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                I've been twice...once just for drinks. They have a variety of decent beers on tap.

                And we went on Sunday for brunch...I ordered the "Brunch Poutine". It was a very generous sized poutine but the chicken drippings gravy and cheese curds...the menu said it was suppose to come with sausage but there was none in mine. Price was $12 which I think is a bit pricey for a poutine.

                Will most likely go back as it's a nice space and kid friendly.

              2. We went again a couple of weeks ago, because my pregnant SO was craving poutine. It was our best visit yet. We had 2 soups, the borscht and Cod Cheek Chowder. The menu describes the borscht as including mushroom dumplings - these were no where to be found in our soup, but it was still good. The chowder is great. After trying so many of their offerings that I felt weren't quite right, it was nice to find a dish that fired on all cylinders.
                The poutine was really good.. The gravy was great. The curds weren't fresh and weren't plentiful but they were ok. As I've mentioned before, the fries are fantastic. So all in all, it was the best meal we've had there. We had the best service in all of our visits too - so perhaps that's ironed out now. If I were to go back, I would definitely avoid other mediocre dishes and head straight for the chowder.
                I do have a gripe though. Their beers are on the expensive side, their glasses are on the smaller side and it really irks me when they don't pour a full pint - which just feels so cheap to me. I've been to many a crowded pup where the wait staff has had to fight through the crowd and still delivered a full pint - there's no such crowd at My Place. Fill my glass.

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                  That totally bugs me too, very annoying.

                  1. re: tochipotle

                    Thanks for the report. Ha, now that I think of it, there werent any dumplings in our soup either.

                  2. Have a link to My Place instead of My Mom's Place.

                    My Place: A Canadian Pub
                    2448 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1R2, CA

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                      i had the ploughmans board last night there. i have to say, pretty tasty. Good texture on the pork pate, and a superb duck rillette, not like the kind that leaves your lips greasy and a very good amount of salt.
                      i tried the foie gras oreo. yes that is right an oreo. very creative.
                      i think if anyone wants some charcuterie try this pub, who would of thought. good job brad long

                      1. re: brian5

                        hm. foie gras oreo.. that sounds like something in a dream. What was the "cookie" part made of?

                        1. re: hungryabbey

                          the server said that there is duck rillette with the foie gras mousse and they use foie gras in the cookie dough instead of butter, it is just foie, foie, foie!!!