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Dec 15, 2009 05:00 PM

Where to find drizzle syrup/sauce

Does anyone know where in Calgary I can find syrup, preferably chocolate, to drizzle on dessert plates? I've checked Superstore, Safeway and Bernard Callebaut with no success; I was going to also check out Sunterra but other than that I have no idea who carries it but I'm sure I've seen them around before. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hate to state the obvious but unless you are looking to buy the sauce as a gift, making one would take a fraction of the search time for a sauce in the city. Less than ten minutes. You can even buy a squeeze bottle from your local cook shop to help get the total effect.

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      Oh I know—which I why I don't know where to buy the stuff. But it's for Christmas day and I'm already doing 1001 things so I was hoping to cut corners a little.

    2. Bernard Callebaut carries a chocolate sauce in a glass jar. Spoon some out, heat it up and put into a squeeze bottle.

      1. You could always try ice cream syrup! Most grocery stores carry a variety of ice cream toppings (check the aisle with the ice cream cones), including chocolate and butterscotch syrups in squeeze bottles. (They also sell Nestle chocolate syrups.) I doubt that any of these would taste as good as homemade, or Bernard Callebaut syrup, but they would certainly do the trick if you're simply looking for convenience.