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Dec 15, 2009 04:36 PM

Making fry bread ahead?

I agreed to bring the fixings for Navajo tacos to an upcoming family gathering. Problem is, they'll need to be transported (I'd rather not be underfoot in my in-laws' kitchen)- and may not necessarily be eaten immediately upon my arrival anyways. Is this a really bad idea? I usually serve my fry bread right away and don't know how they hold up an hour or so after cooking.

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  1. Personally, I wouldn't want to make my fry bread ahead of time as the oil from frying settles into the bread and it turns would be better if you at least made the dough and cooked them at the last minute...

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      I tend to agree-- it really gets hard/tough fast. I discovered once that it actually freezes and toasts up in the oven OK if you freeze it *right away*, but I wouldn't fry it and keep it at room temperature for any length of time. I bet the dough would keep well in the refrigerator, though, to fry up later, if that wouldn't be too underfoot...

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        Several years ago we bought some fry bread and dry bread (same dough but cooked on a griddle) from a shop in Mexican Hat, and then drove to a nearby scenic overlook for lunch. By that time both had cooled, and the dry bread was much tastier.

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          Thanks everyone- I had a feeling you'd answer the way you did- but, having never served them after holding them first for any length of time, I was hoping they'd hold up better- I'll see if I can make & roll out the dough ahead of time, transport it, then fry them on site?