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Dec 15, 2009 03:59 PM

Looking for a good meal in Eastern Queens.

I'm wondering if there is a great spot for a meal in the Little Neck - Bayside area that I may have been overlooking? Have not been in the area recently. Any type of cuisine.

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  1. Fino tapas/wine bar, Bell Blvd, Bayside. Great wines, wonderful food.

    1. On Bell Blvd you have Avli (Greek- get the Stuffed Chicken) and Gino's (Italian). BKNY Thai on Francis Lewis is pretty good.

      1. For Thai in Bayside, I prefer Bonne Saison (4004 Bell Blvd) over both BKNY and Erawan. I believe the owners are Thai and French, so the restaurant serves both Thai and French dishes.

        For Greek, I usually go to Avli (3831 Bell Blvd) and Gyro World (19423 Northern Blvd).

        There are also lots of Korean places in the neighborhood. I don't have a favorite but you'll find plenty of suggestions if you search this board.

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          Yes! Avli and Bonne Saison represent some of the best of Bayside's eats.

        2. Two favs are Conti's for solid northern italian and Kebab House for turkish. They have great eggplant salads and kebabs.

          1. I also like Conti's and Kebab House which are on Northern Blvd. in Little Neck. The Greek Islands is over there as well, and their whole fish and vegetable dishes are excellent.