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Dec 15, 2009 03:38 PM

The Stand - Woodland Hills -- Our First and Last Visit

The culinary wasteland that is the west SFV has another place that I can scratch off my list. I have waited a long time to try The Stand in order for the bugs to get worked out. But, I guess that I didn't wait long enough, and I will not be back.

We visited The Stand on this past Sunday afternoon. When we arrived, the restaurant had only four tables seated, one waiting for food, and one that had just ordered ahead of us.

The cashier/server irked me right off the bat (I'm sorry, but I have a problem with this) by calling me sweety and honey while I was taking my time to read the menu. Perhaps this works in the south, but I really do not like it, and I think it is not appropriate.

We ordered two chicago dogs, one grilled dog on a grilled bun with grilled onions, chili cheese fries, and two beers. Our beer was opened for us at the register, but we were not offered a glass or a cup. Our check was $26.

We went to find a table and waited for our food. The beer was good, but not that cold, and should have been colder. By this time three more tables had come into the restaurant. The two tables ahead of us were served. And we waited. A table that had come in after us was served their food. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally after about 25 minutes our pager went off and our order came out.

The chili cheese fries were mushy and cold. The chicago dog had so much topping that you had to literally strip off most of it to get to the dog. I understand the concept and have had chicago dogs in chicago, but this was ridiculous. My hot dog and bun were not grilled as ordered and both of our hot dogs were cold.

So, after our long wait, the bugs haven't been worked out yet and we won't be going back to find out if they will be. We left a note regarding the problem along with our contact info. I know we'll never hear from them.

The Stand
5780 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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  1. "We left a note regarding the problem along with our contact info. I know we'll never hear from them."
    perhaps your comments will at least help them improve the experience for other customers. i know it's not really helpful to YOU, but...

    1. You're not alone in experiencing bad service at The Stand. I've actually given up on their hot dogs and hamburgers, becuase they've gotten it wrong so many times, but I love their fries, so I keep going back.

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        Because it's so close to home we did TheStand a few times until we discovered Fab Hotdogs. No contest! We've had much better service at the other Stand location on Ventura.

      2. Actually, the service I got there was not bad but the dogs were very bland. Not in any hurry to go back.