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Dec 15, 2009 03:02 PM

Needs recs for HK please! Leaving on Thursday!

Been really busy and really sick so I haven't had the opportunity to do much research. :( I have and still am searching this board, but I'm hoping you folks can please help me out!

I'm leaving for Asia with my girlfriend on Thursday and will be in HK for four days, including New Years. I live in Markham, Canada, and there's a lot of incredible Chinese (mainly Cantonese) restaurants up here. With that said, I'm looking for things that I can't find here.

Some more points...
-this will be my first time there
-my background is Chinese but I do not write, speak, or read a lick of the language
-all price ranges although we will probably only go to one or two high-ends
-definitely want to try hairy mitten crab (is this still in season?)
-looking for the top noodle and soup places (hand-pulled, wonton, etc.)
-anywhere for really good crispy Peking duck and roasted pork
-any really unique dishes, although I'm admittedly not that adventurous

Recommendations for restaurants and specific dishes would be greatly appreciated! Some of the restaurants that I'm considering so far:

Bo Innovation
Never had molecular gastronomy but I always wanted to try!

Tien Heung Lau
Read on here that their smoked yellow fish is really something special. Same goes for their crab roe dishes. My biggest concern though is if there will be a language barrier.

Yan Toh Heen
Good dim sum? Not sure what to order here. I think someone recommended the steamed fish.

Fu Sing
Read on here that they have good dim sum and really good crab roe xiao long bao.

Tim's Kitchen
Read on here that the Macau location is better, but I probably won't be going there.

Fook Lam Moon
Sounds like it's one of the best, but how much should I expect to spend for two people? What's their signature dishes?

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  1. Most of the choices listed above are towards the high-ends and they are all worth trying indeed. Really depends on your budgets and how long you are going to stay i guess. For 4 days, limited choices but plenty to let you gain a few lbs :)

    (1) For Peking Duck, try Spring Deer (book in advance, very old decor but pretty okay duck)

    (2) For unique old fashion HK style resto, try Tai Ping Koon

    (3) Hong Zhou Restaurant 杭州酒家 (but make sure you book in advance since that have 1 star now

    (4) Caprice (3 star resto) @ Four Season if you have time and can get a table, worth trying for LUNCH ... i guess. Beats Canoe Restaurant or North 44 in Toronto for sure. Then again, many places in HK beat those haha

    (5) Sushi Hiro would be a nice and SAFE choice for Japanese. (of course there are many you can try but this one I like to go myself once in a while for a nice cozy Sushi dinner)

    1. While you wrote you "only go to one to two high ends", most of what you consider are the high ends. Bo has 2 tasting menu: I recall one is 600+, the other 1000+. THL & FLM-get ready to pay above 1000 if you order the signature dishes. YTH and TK are around 500-700 range (can be more depend what you order); FS is the more reasonable one on your list.

      Most of what you ask has been written extensively in past threads. On search function above, type "wonton noodle", "char siu", "hair crab" and you will be able to read relevant info.

      1. Tim's Kitchen is very hard to get reservation now especially if you have a group of more than 4. My friend tried to book it but cannot get a reservation for a table of 6 when he call a week ago.

        There are a lots of chinese things that are available in HK but not in Markham. But for 4 days, may be you want to check out the following :

        - wonton noodle
        - charbroiled clay pot rice (there is a thread on it, New Tsui Wah Restaurant 新翠華茶餐廳 is great, but prepare to have a lineup and hole in the wall uncomfortable typical HK-style type eatery)
        - snake soup
        - crab roe
        - dim sum (for some real good quality unlike Markham's)
        - seafood


        As jason and Fourseason pointed out, all the restaurants in your list are medium to very expensive, especially Tien Heung Lau (the smoked yellow fish is over $600 HKD for a small one) and Fook Lam Moon (if going there for their signature dishes). Dim sum at Yan Toh Heen is around the same or a bit more expensive than what you pay for Lai Wah Heen in Toronto.

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          Thanks so much guys! Sorry for the short response, I'm not finished packing and my cab is arriving in a few hours! I'll be sure to report back later.

          1. re: CKN

            i think you should skip bo innovation though. fusion and inventive cuisine at its worst!!!

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          1. Thanks everyone. Unfortunately, most of this was in vain as I was carted around by my host and for the most part we ate at the restaurants of his choice. My favourite restaurants were a couple of holes in the wall (I can't read Chinese so I don't know their names), Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade.

            The biggest surprised was the char siu pork. I had this in a hole in the wall and it was like a completely different dish than what I've had in Toronto. It was seriously on another level. The place was packed and we had to sit in their storage/staff room. We were even interrupted a few times so they could get to their fridge and shelves. But with food that good, I wasn't complaining.

            At Din Tai Fung, I loved the crab meat xiao long bao and this one tomato dish (looked like grape tomatoes in a syrup). Crystal Jade also had great xiao long bao, but the standouts were a cold marinated sliced pork roll with garlic sauce and the la mian in sichuan style (I had no idea that it was going to be peanutty).

            Anyway, I had a great time in HK. Here's hoping I get to go back!