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Dec 15, 2009 01:50 PM

Help choosing between Napa and Sonoma

I'm sorry if this is redundent, please bare with me here. I'm coming in for the Food Show in January and planning on spending 2 nights in Yountville. I'm much more into food than wine, but do not want $100 meals either. I'm planning on driving from SFO to Osteria Stellino for a late lunch. It seems like a pretty ride and a good meal. As I was google mapping my trip, I realized that Sonoma is way closer than Napa. Last year I stayed in Yountville and loved it. Had a great dinner at Ad Hoc and would be happy to do it again. That being said, I know that Sonoma is really beautiful and staying/eating somewhere else would work, as well. Anyone with time, patience and opinions?
Thank you

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  1. I'm confused: Napa is a lot closer to Yountville than Sonoma is, and the drive over the mountains from Yountville to Glen Ellen will turn your passengers green, and not from envy (don't ask how I know this). If I'm correct, then check past threads on this board for Napa and Yountville eats. (Also, the Chowhound site very conveniently and automatically lists threads for you beneath your posting.) Have fun!

    1. If you're having lunch at Osteria Stellina, yeah, staying in Yountville would mean spending a lot of your day in the car.

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        I guess my question is, is the ride from the airport to Point Reyes scenic enough and the meal at Osteria worth the extra mileage? I did secure a dinner reservation at Ad Hoc for the day that I come in. The flight gets in around 12:30.

        1. re: lukshen

          The ride from the airport to pt reyes is jaw droppingly scenic. There's the golden gate, then marin headlands, then the glory of that stretch of rte 1. It's a long slog, but about as long a slog as from the airport to either Napa or Sonoma.

          When coming from SFO, I'm not sure sonoma can be counted as *that much* closer than Napa. One google maps, Napa is sounted as 1 hour 19 minutes to Yountville, and 1 hour 16 minutes to the city of Sonoma. Almost exactly the drive to pt reyes station. Pt Reyes station is only the starting point, and you'll need to drive further, I assume.

          I can't comment on Osteria.

          1. re: lukshen

            Osteria Stellina closes at 2:30, so that's not very practical if you're not due in until 12:30. And then most of your ride to Yountville would be in the dark.

          2. re: Robert Lauriston

            Thank you so much, I had no idea that Stellina closes between lunch and dinner. It sounded like such a good a plan. I guess I'll just drive to Yountville. Because I'm combining work with pleasure I have to stop at a Draeger's store and a store in Mill Valley. Any lunch suggestions on that route?

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                sounds good, where? How about Mexican food? SF dinners so far are Heaven's Dog Saturday night. Thinking of Range, Canteen, Frances and RN74. Any thoughts?

          3. Sonoma has lots of great places to stay and also to eat. Osteria Stellino is a fairly easy drive from Sonoma and Petaluma. By the way, I had lunch there this August and it was yummy. The Saturday Farmers Market was great, as well.

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              I'm coming in on a Thursday and have to be in SF Saturday for work. I really do love a good farmer's market.

            2. Do you mean city of Sonoma? Keep in mind this time of year the weather can be iffy.