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Dec 15, 2009 01:27 PM

Port for around 50 dollars

Any suggestions for a bottle of port that costs around 50 dollars in the Austin area. Thanks

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  1. galway pipe from australia--around $45 at bevmo or whole foods....excellent tawny

    1. 2003 Dow's is around $50. I sampled some at a tasting last weekend and highly recommend. It's delicious and has a loooooong life ahead of it.

      1. I drink a lot of port. I still have a Fonseca and a Taylor from 1970 waiting for a special occasion in the basement.

        True port is from Portugal, and is vintage port. Galway pipe is tasty, but it's Aussie and a tawny which to my taste is just not the same.

        The only wine I have ever had that was really as good as a true vintage port (though technically not quite the same) is Warre's LBV (late bottled vintage.) It is left in the barrel much longer and technically not a true vintage port. It is also the only LBV really worth drinking. Even the LBVs from other "better" port houses are not as good.

        Year after year the best value in port without going for a really pricey vintage port is Warre's LBV.

        Just doing a quick search on-line the 1999 seems to be readily available for $25 or so. I even saw one web site selling a 1982. That is a bit more risky, but with the 1999 I promise you won't be disappointed.