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Dec 15, 2009 12:33 PM

Best Pasta-Providence?

What is the concensus...who do you think has the best pasta dishes in Providence?
We know Al Forno's isn't a favorite on this board, but we really enjoy their pasta bolonese.
What are your thoughts?

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    this is my go to place for pasta dishes. pats italian restaurant in johnston.

    1. The Remington House Inn in Warwick can't be beat for pasta, and apps too

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      1. re: lets eat in providence

        Baccaro's pasta bolognese is the best I ever had!

        If you are looking for 'family friendly' or 'affordable" try Angelo's on the Hill. Can't miss.

        1. re: OOliver

          OOliiver,We have the same taste....Al Forno's and Baccaro's bolognese is the very same dish.

      2. Al Forno is a tourist restaurant. IMO Cafe Longo makes great pasta they use only DeCecco Pasta which most restaurants use average pasta, 3 orders of pasta from a pound then the raw cost is about .35 cents an order. Before additions. But Longo is as authentic as you can find.

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        1. re: Frank Terranova

          So Frank which dish is your favorite?

          1. re: jandj

            Put me on the spot well at Cafe Longo its Perciatelli Amatriciana and Siena is Ragu Bologense The flavor is as close as I have had in Italy. The best pasta in the world as a product is called Setaro from Naples its considered the best in all of Italy It has to be purchased on line Thats the only Pasta I use its texture is like sandpaper which makes the sauce stick to it. Simple rule Good Products= Excellent results.

        2. I had a declicious plate of pasta at Pane e Vino a few weeks back. The sauce was very chunky and fresh (apologies for the bad terminology, Chef Terranova. I aspire to be a chef, but don't know the right terminology, lol). I loved it. I'm not a big fan of marinara, but this was chunky, fresh, and light. Absolutely delicious. It cam as an accompaniment to my main dish, but I ate the pasta instead of the veal dish, I ordered, which was delicious as well, but I couldn't stopy eating the pasta. THis was my first visit to Pane e Vino, but it will not be my last. I loved it. Also, they had amazing calimari.

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          1. re: JJChick

            Well it sounds like a fresh Marinaria to me. as long as you loved the food and were please with everything else. Humans have different tastes and what is good to you may be not so good for someone else and the visea versa. Thats why I studied cuisines from all over the world and love the food business. and dont apologize for anything as long as you are happy with it lol

            merry xmas

          2. Bolognese from Siena, Gnocci at Junction Tratorria in NK.