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Dec 15, 2009 12:11 PM

Suggestions on a special occasion meal with daughters?

Hi! I am new to posting here - although I read the reviews all the time for date-night ideas! I am looking for suggestions on where to take my three daughters for a special meal in town. They are 13, 10, and 5 and extremely well-mannered. I am looking for somewhere special (these girls of mine love a reason to dress up!) So not the typical "family" restaurant.....any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. For dress up, you might consider tea at one of the hotels (Raj/ 4 Seasons). Had sunday brunch at a function room attached to Cafe Fleuri and it looked very nice with children beautifully dressed for the season. food was surprisingly good.

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        Oooh...I did not even think of tea - love it! I will look into those, thanks!!

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          The Ritz Carlton does a cupcake tea - looks perfect for little girls....I wonder how they are? Anyone been?

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            Both Upstairs on the Square and L'Espalier do fun teas, although I think the Copley Plaza has the best actual tea as part of their tea. While tea is a lot of fun, and I believe Upstairs on the Square does a special "Children's Tea", you don't need to do a special children's activity, of course. T.W. Food, Salts or Oleana might be good choices --- small, intimate places with interesting food and an atmosphere that "feels right" to dress up.

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              Great suggestions! Thank you so much!

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                I think the Bristol Lounge is your best bet. The staff are extremely friendly to kids. It's a great room to walk around, has nice places to lounge and at this time of year a beautiful view of the Public Garden. While I think some of their entrees are over-priced I believe they have some quality children's options. Also, you might want to inquire about any Holiday events at the Bristol-they are well-done.

      2. My daughter who is 8 loves to go to Sel de la Terre near the Aquarium. It's a great day out together.

        1. I think the tea idea is a good one. I've only been been to formal tea at the Boston Ritz before it became the Taj, but have never been treated so well by restaurant staff in my life, and the food was so much fun, small and pretty and delicious. Check out the menus and options for all of the suggestions.

          1. I second "The Bristol" at the Four Seasons. Great view of the public garden, and wide range of food items to satisfy all tastes. I think they still do the Teddy Bear Christmas there as well, which is great for all ages. I'm not a tea guy but they doo a good job.
            Took my daughter and friends there many times during the holiday season.