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Dec 15, 2009 12:11 PM

Street Food in Hong Kong?

Alright, so I'm curious where the best street food places are in town. When I was young my parents didn't let me eat all that much street food (curry fish balls, beef innards on a stick etc) mainly because they didn't find it all that clean. The TV ads advising people not the eat street food back in the 90s didn't help either (the most iconic scene is when the street hawker drops his cigarette into the curry fish ball sauce and still proceeds to serve it...haha!). Anyway, since I moved back from the US I've noticed that a lot of the hawker stands have now become little shops. So I'm curious where I would find good places that sell the following:

Curry Fish Balls/Beef Innards on a stick

So I've had it recently at a random place in Causeway Bay (across from Times Square) but it was quite disappointing. I came across 13th Block Beef Innards (十三座牛雜) on Openrice and saw they have shops both in North Point and Wanchai. The English name I used is made up since they don't officially have an English name. Looks interesting. Here's the listing on Openrice:

It is super hard to find places on Openrice that serve this stuff. Any suggestions?

Little Chicken Pancakes (雞蛋仔


I've looked a bit on Openrice and Mammy Pankcakes in Hung Hom seem the most interesting to me. Besides the traditional 雞蛋仔 they also serve chocolate chip and sesame versions! Seems uber yummy. Here's its listing on Openrice:

Anyone know any better place?

Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐


There seem to be places on Openrice but none of them look very good. I personally never ate any stinky tofu growing up in HK but fell in love with it when I was roaming in Taiwan a little while back. Any suggestions?

Roasted Chestnuts (烤慄子)

I used to love eating these when I was young. Perfect for the winter/fall weather. I can't find a single place on Openrice and I haven't noticed that many places in town serving this. Any suggestions?

Any other street foods you guys like? Thanks!

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  1. I made a special trip from Kowloon to Wanchai for 13th Block beef innards during my last visit to HK. Total disappointment! Recipe involved too excessive use of herbs and spices and not sweet enough! IMO, tasted more like Chinese medicine than snack! Way over-rated!
    For Stinky Tofu, I usually visit the store close to Mong Kok Police station. Take the Police station exit, walk towards the Castrol Gas Station, head across the road and FOLLOW THE SMELL!. Best to go early when the batch is freshly made. Way better when piping hot!

    For little chicken pancakes. I recall a 'famous' store next to one of Wan Chai's subway exit. Celebrities and food critics often frequent the place. Actually, a number of us chowhounders walked pass the premise after our Chowmeet at a Wan Chi road private kitchen. Forgot about the name though! Sorry!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thanks Charles! I might have found the stinky tofu place you are talking about here:

      Technically speaking it might be in Prince Edward (太子) since the Mong Kok Police Station is next to the Prince Edward MTR station. Is this the place?

      I found the only other stinky tofu place called 泉昌美食 in Wanchai. Here's the link:

      Looks like stinky tofu wise Hong Kong is kind of slim pickings in terms of options.

      Do you have any idea which street or near which MTR exit this 雞蛋仔 place is in Wanchai? It's super hard to find on Openrice with such little details :(

      Some people just told me there are a ton of choices on Dundas street in Mong Kok and I found this place (肥姐小食店) on Openrice:

      I have a feeling this is the same place Cha Xiao Bao took Bourdain to and they got booted by the angry owner. This place looks more promising than 十三座牛雜 which I mentioned earlier. My only gripe is that it looks like all the street food is served COLD at 肥姐小食店 :(

      Some people also said there are great street food stuff near Wanchai Computer Center (188 or 298). No idea where exactly but I grew up going to 188 so I gather it shouldn't be too hard to find.

      1. re: big_apple_ken

        I think this is the one Charles is referring to. I like it quite a bit since it is very crunchy. If it is a more more spongy inside, then it would be perfect.

        1. re: HKTraveler

          Yup! This is the place!
          However, I found there are lots of places around Kowloon, Hong Kong and even NT with pretty good 'chicken cookies'. There's one on Nathan road just off Hillwood road. The other is next to McDonald's in Sha Tin City One!! As long as they are freshly made, they should be crunchy. Difference is the degree of sweetness and amount of eggs used!
          There should also be tons of such stalls in Temple streets at night?!

    2. Curry Fish balls (咖喱鱼蛋) are awesome. So addictive too. I was just in Hong Kong and found myself buying them every hour, even at 7-11. Anyway, I think the best place for street food / snacks is near Mong Kok station, near the Tung Choi St. Ladies Market. Maybe it's not the cleanest, but there's lot of vendors who just make delicious snacks on the street. There's also similar stands near the Temple Street Market.

      Also, have you tried fried lobster balls (longxia wan,龙虾丸)? They pretty kiiler too and my new snack food hit.

      If you need a little more street food inspiration, check out this page: . . .