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Brand Loyalty?

What food and drink products, if any, are you loyal to? Also feel free to explain why, if you'd like.

Here are several products that have stood the test of time with me:

Comet rice

Hunt's tomato sauce

Latini pasta

Sultan olive oil

Bohemia beer

Plymouth gin

George Dickel whisky

Totino's frozen pizza

Martha White cornbread mix

Heinz catsup

Albuquerque Tortilla Factory tortillas

Marie Callendar pot pies

Smart Balance (butter/spread)

Oscar Meyer beef franks

Tabatchnik soups

Peter Pan Crunchy peanut butter

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  1. heinz catsup
    gulden's mustard
    lea & perrin's worchestershire
    helmann's mayonnaise
    pepperidge farms breads
    jones breakfast sausage
    tropicana orange juice
    ocean spray cranberry juice
    welch's grape
    haagan daz
    lay's potato chips
    progresso soups

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    1. re: BastedEggs

      Good call on the Lea & Perrin's, Heinz and Helmann's.

      I might also add Coke (vs. Pepsi), Quaker oatmeal, Breyer's ice cream, Cottonelle toilet paper, Europe's Best frozen fruit.

      1. re: KayceeK

        How do you prepare your Cottonelle? I like mine braised in a Madeira/kumquat reduction and then dusted with confectioner's sugar and Meyer lemon zest. ;)

        1. re: Perilagu Khan

          Ha ha...oops! I was just picturing myself going through the grocery store aisles and forgot to keep it to food and drink. Good thing I didn't mention the Pepto! ha

    2. La Tortilla Factory!
      I'm moving soon and I'm terrified that I won't be able to get them anymore.

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      1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

        If I may be so bold, what state are you moving to?

        1. re: Perilagu Khan

          I'm moving within Canada -- I was lucky to find them in my neighbourhood grocery store in the first place, and the smaller town I'm headed to is not likely to be similarly supplied. :(
          I suppose I could call LTF and inquire, but for now I'm just stockpiling the freezer as though I'm preparing for nuclear winter.

        2. re: Whats_For_Dinner

          You know they'r available online, right? I stopped buying them when I realized they had hydrogenated fats, though I think they announced a reformulation?

        3. Best Foods Mayo (here in SoCal)
          Lea & Perrins
          Latini pasta
          Underwood deviled ham
          Coleman's English mustard
          Miracle Whip (but only fur turkey sandwiches and BLTs)

          1. Thomas' English Muffins
            Progesso lentil soup
            Classico Four Cheese Tomato Sauce (when I absolutely can't make my own)
            Land o Lakes butter
            Grey Goose Vodka
            V8 Low Salt Tomato Juice (for vodka!)
            Diet Coke
            Jif peanut butter

            1. White Lily Flours....
              Dukes Mayonnaise....
              William’s Roll sausage....
              Wilson’s Smoked sausage...
              Lee & Perrins Worcestershire.....
              Delmonte. Ketchup...
              Rumford Baking Powder.....
              Steen’s Cane Syrup....
              Skippy Crunchy Peanut Butter......
              “Louisiana” ...Louisiana Hot Sauce
              Karo Corn Syrup...
              Blue Bell Ice Cream...
              Luzianne Tea & Peanut Oil
              Anson Mills Grits...
              To name a few.....

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              1. re: Uncle Bob

                Delmonte Ketchup? Controversial!

                Any thoughts on the merit of Louisiana vs Crystal Hot Sauce?

                Fully agree with you on Rumford baking powder. My baked goods have gotten better using it.

                1. re: LauraGrace

                  Delmonte out of habit...Can eat Heinz, but not Hunts. Really don't eat much Ketchup at all to be honest....Occasionally on Fries...Rarely on Fish...Never on Burgers or Dogs!

                  I like both Hot Sauces and a couple of others...Crystal a little more vinegary..but good. Louisiana thicker and an old habit...Franks is nice on "wangs" ~~~

              2. Arnold/Brownberry Bread
                Stadium Mustard (a Cleveland thing)
                Earth Balance (buttery spread)
                Aladdin Pita Bread (another Cleveland thing)
                Amy's soups
                Frank's Red Hot
                Kitchen Basics stocks
                Yogi Tea herbal teas
                John Powers

                Bolthouse Farm Vedge Juice (makes a great Bloody mary base)

                Al's Gourmet Sauce (shrimp cocktail sauce - also local)

                1. For the most part, I'm a faithless customer. If ingredients I don't like show up on a label, I'm outta there. Same thing if a new, more interesting brand seems worth a try.

                  That said:

                  Hellman's mayo

                  Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard

                  Polly-O ricotta

                  Smucker's creamy peanut butter

                  Trader Joe's roasted, unsalted Almonds in the red labeled bag

                  1. Hellman's Mayo

                    Crystal Hot Sauce

                    Talk O' Texas Okra pickles

                    Laura Scudder's Peanut Butter

                    Hatch diced green chile peppers


                    1. Barilla Pasta... it's hard to overcook and has the best texture

                      Pillsbury AP flour... I know the protein content and it works in my cookies

                      Heinz Ketchup... the other brands don't taste the same

                      Palmolive dish liquid... cleans the roasting pan after I make the turkey and doesn't irritate my hands. (OK not food but certainly food-related :)

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                      1. re: iluvcookies

                        Agree completely on Heinz. Seems to me it is a spicier catsup than the others. And Hunt's is just too damn sweet for my liking.

                        1. re: Perilagu Khan

                          Not a fan of Hunt's AT ALL!

                          I forgot to mention Diet Coke... how could I forget that???
                          G-D help the person who drinks the last Diet Coke in my house!

                      2. For instant ramen: Nongshim
                        Beer: Sam Adams (many of their varieties)
                        Wine: Windy Oaks. My first mailing list wine. Family owned and run. Small operation. All estate grapes.
                        Butter: Land o Lakes or Challenge.
                        Cheetos. Junk food. I binge on these and then swear off them forever. This lasts only for a couple of weeks before it repeats.
                        Aside from those, I try to buy fresh or try different brands or private labels of which there are many.

                        1. I only have a few -- for the rest, I'm a store-brand girl (usually Whole Foods 365 brand, which I've found to be very reliable), all the way.

                          Lea & Perrins
                          Hellman's mayo
                          Coke, preferably the imported kind made with sugar instead of HFCS, because it tastes so much better!!
                          Cholula hot sauce
                          Sri Racha chili sauce
                          King Arthur whole wheat flour
                          Rumford baking powder

                          1. Tabasco
                            Heinz Ketchup
                            Duke's Mayo
                            Diet Coke
                            Eagle Rare Bourbon
                            Lea & Perrin's
                            Simply Orange or any of the other juices they make
                            Taylor Ham
                            Luzianne Tea

                            1. An incomplete list would include:
                              Canceau sauce (in tabasco family but much much more interesting)
                              Key West
                              Tabasco (green pepper sauce)
                              Bushwhackers (hot and spicy)
                              Hunt's catsup vs Heinz
                              Barilla pasta
                              Maille mustard
                              Classico (tom. & basil)
                              King Arthur flour
                              Beefeater gin
                              Woolford Reserve bourban

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