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Dec 15, 2009 11:20 AM

Prezza recommendations?

I have reservations at Prezza with a few friends Friday night. Any must try at Prezza?

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  1. Lots of posts about this in the past. The ravioli wih egg is amazing. Roast figs with gorgonzola appetizer is a fave of mine. All of the wood grilled meat dishes are great (but expensive). Great place to share items without any fuss.

    1. I recently went for the first time and everything was delicious. Both grilled steaks were exceptional, the sirloin and the bone-in tenderloin.

      1. We just ate there on Sat night for the first time. The mushroom soup was amazing.

        1. everything is good. you can't go wrong. i suggest you order half portions of the pastas so you can try different varieties.