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Dec 15, 2009 11:20 AM

CLE: Great "Americanized" Chinese food?

I've been looking for a good Chinese place practically since I moved to the cleveland area over 15 years ago. As U2 say, I stiiiiiill haven't fooooound what I'm looking foooooor.

I want Americanized Chinese. Chop suey and orange chicken and beef broccoli and REALLY GOOD EGGROLLS, which seem to be impossible to find. All I've found so far is really bad Americanized Chinese or too-authentic Chinese, which is just not for me. I'm not into black bean sauce and eyes and feet and steamed dumplings, sometimes I just really want my moo goo gai pan and pork fried rice.

I know this is a very anti-chow thing to post, but I want what I want. Any suggestions? Downtown, W side or SW side please, if you've got anything.

(oh, and please don't suggest Siam cafe. I've eaten there 3 times at other's requests, and thought the food was terrible. I'm sure their authentic food is great but the Americanized stuff is terrible). Any other ideas?

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  1. Sun Luck Garden? I gave up on them a long time ago. So many things were just too sweet. And many just didn't seem to match the quality of Siam Cafe. (Maybe you shouldn't be paying attention to me?) On the other hand, I used to think of them as one of my favorite restaurants. I don't think they changed. I think I just got sick of the pervasive sweetness. If I could overlook that, I'd say there's a lot of good food there. All I can remember now is a dish of mussels. It's a customer favorite. She runs it as a special and you can ask to be notified whenever it's available.

    Who knows? Maybe it's about time that I gave them another chance, too.

    1. Try Dragon Towers in Kamm's Plaza at Lorain Avenue and Rocky River Drive. I live in the neighborhood and it is my go-to spot for good, basic American Chinese food. Everything is always fresh, they'll make stuff spicy to my liking, and (this part is important), the chicken is always well-trimmed white meat, even in the breaded dishes like General Tso's - no nasty, gristly mystery meat. I haven't had the regular egg rolls, as I don't eat pork, but the veggie egg rolls are very good.

      1. You might want to try Hunan on Coventry - I only ate there once, but it was very well done American-ized Chinese food.

        1. Thanks all, we will try the place in Kamm's. Nancy - I've been to Hunan once but I didn't really care for it, maybe it's just me as I know it's very popular.

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            Oh my god- I love this question! I am going to share with you my absolute favorite- Golden Gate on Hilliard Road in Lakewood. When I left Cleveland first for NYC, then Chicago, I used to have my parents bring me quarts of their wonton soup when they would visit. I have never found an equal to that soup. It is hearty and heavy and chock full of barbecued pork, greens, scallonions and pork stuffed wontons. In addition, they have the worlds best egg rolls and spareribs. For a main course I either go with their pepper steak, or the "Hong Kong" chicken, which is battered breast with vegetables in gravy. I understand that Golden Gate is not the same kind of restaurant as the places I get dim sum in, but it is as scrumptious in their own way. Now that I back living in Cleveland I go there more than I care to admit!

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                Really appreciate the rec. We will check this one out along with the previous rec for the place in kamm's. I think kamm's is closer but I pass through Lakewood twice a week so I could pick up food to go there fairly easily.