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Dec 15, 2009 10:12 AM

Nashville restaurant and bar recommendations

We'll be in Nashville this weekend? Any recommendations for restaurants and/or bars (not too loud or smokey) would be appreciated.

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  1. Can you possibly offer more information to guide recommendations? Where will you be staying and how far are you willing to travel with mode of transportation? What type of food are you interested in ? What sort of atmosphere are you looking for -- upscale, downscale, homey, fancy, young crowd, older crowd, families, etc.? Beer, wine, basic drinks, advanced mixology? Price range? It's a city with a lot of restaurants and bars ...

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    1. re: TLF

      Good point. I wrote that one too fast and without enough detail.

      For restaurants, we'd be interested in either seafood or steak place, and would rather it be local than national chain. We're going to graduation at Belmont so if it was near the campuses (I think Vandy is right there) that would be nice, but I understand that Nashville is easy to get around.

      As for bars, my wife likes piano bars, and places that aren't smokey. For music, I assume there are tons of country music places but if one is particularly good I'd like to know.

      1. re: Michfan

        if you want a real, honest to goodness bar try The Patterson House. No live music but hand-crafted, specific cocktails that are worth the trip. They have food (more tapas style than dinner if memory serves) but I can not remark on that as we did not eat there but the menu looked interesting. The drinks are fantastic w/ house made infusions, bitters, sodas, mixers, &c and a lot of thought put in to matching liquors, liqueurs, &c for the perfect flavor profile. They do have limited seating and it is not a place to "run in to before dinner" as much as a place to have very leisurely drinks before dinner or go after dinner as a destination. I can not recommend it highly enough.
        It is at the inter-section of Division and 18th right off Music Row so not too far fr/ Belmont at all and I think it is or similar but you can use a search engine to get the specific web address. A word of warning as the building it self is not very well-marked so you might miss it on your first drive.
        As for dinner we only visit once a year so will let those more in tune w/ the city make those recommendations.

        1. re: Michfan

          As far as bars go, as a first time visitor to Nashville, you have to experience the honky tonks of Lower Broadway. My favorite is Robert's Western World, but they all have their pros and cons. Whether you like country music or not, it will be a fun experience. And they are all right there together. And as it happens, there is a piano bar nearby as well. It's called The Big Bang.

          Patterson House is awesome, but it's not what I would call a quintessentially Nashville experience. Quite the opposite, actually. Plus, I've found that unless you go at offbeat hours, the wait to get in is significant.

          In terms of Nashville is not a town with a lot of great locally owned steak or seafood restaurants. In the Belmont area, Sunset Grill is a nice option with lots of good choices.

          1. re: jamiecarroll

            Stoney River Steaks is sort of a local chain, lol. Although, I hear the quality at the West End store has slipped quite a bit. I’ve heard mixed reviews of ChaChas, located on Belmont. My personal recommendation would be Zola; it’s off West End and fairly close to Belmont/Vandy. Decent filets and they have amazing seafood paella.

            1. re: pete k

              It's worth going to Zola's, the best restaurant in Nashville, because this is the last chance you'll have. It will close on January 13.

              1. re: nm1

                Zola is closed. Add Margot and/or Marche to your list maybe . . .