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Dec 15, 2009 09:57 AM

non GMO tofu

supposedly soyabeans are heaviliy pesticized. !!!! (?)

I eat tofu (medium/firm) everyday- and not been able to find non-GMO stuff like it was available in Vancouver.Until now i have bought tofu in round plastic tubs and see-thru plastic packs(2 pieces/pack). Usually bought from Marche P&A, or stores in Chinatown. (Provigo/IGA have scary tofu prices)

Ur recommendations please- of brands/where u bought them. or description of the package if the language is other than eng/french.


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  1. I use this one :

    I buy mine at Rachelle-Bery but it's probably available at most organic food stores (Tau, Alfalfa...)

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    1. re: Glaff

      PA carries it too. And it's so much creamier tasting than the other ones you get in tubs...

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. The one I buy is nice, and it bills itself as organic. I normally recognize it by the label, I can't quite remember the brand. I think its Liberté but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway it normally costs $1.99 which is a very decent price if you ask me... You can find it in the Intermarchés or PA.

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        1. re: NickMontreal

          Bol de Fruits on Westminster in Mtl West sells freshly made soft and hard tofu. Not sure if it is non GMO but you ask.

          I much prefer fresh to packaged tofu in any case.

        2. updating my own post

          so far, have not found horium brand non gmo tofu at marche PA.
          my choice of FIRM tofu is one in see thru plastic pack (2/pack)
          made by Oriental food products, (TOFU is written in blue)
          says no preservatives, does not say non-gmo beans.
          usually less than $1.99, for 500 gm.

          excellent for grating (seems already pressed) : to make tofu scramble, adding in cakes, beef/tuna patties, good for grilling, hold its shape and texture

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          1. re: divya

            I believe that next to corn, tofu is one of the most genetically modified foods there is. Whether this is such a horrible thing is debatable but it's certainly going to be hard to find any non GMO tofu. good luck.

            1. re: The Chemist

              No it's not... it's available in every organic food store.

              1. re: Glaff

                Indeed, organic standards do not allow for the use of GMOs and organic tofu is pretty ubiquitous in Montreal.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Wow, I suppose I have to notice tofu more. That's certainly a surprise. I also found this from a Canadian law website, it may be of interest to other ignorent people like me =D

                  Article 1.8.1: When producing or handling organic products sold or labeled as being products whose content is partially or wholly organic, it is forbidden to use any of the following substances or techniques:
                  all materials and products produced from genetic engineering as these are not compatible with the principles of organic production (growing, preparing and selling) and therefore are not accepted under this standard

                  Good to know I suppose, besides the fact that we have BEEN genetically engeneering food since agiculture began, of course... so thier definition probably needs re-tooling.

                  SO I wonder what to call something which isn't exposed to pesticides and growth hormones but is GMO. Not organic, bust something else?

          2. replying to my earlier posts

            found horium tofu at Marche P&A for $2.49
            says it is 'organic' , no mention of non-gmo soy beans

            but all the other posts have enlightened me to say that organic =non-gmo

            p.s: if anyone finds it cheaper than $2.49, please post, ( i eat it 3 times a week)

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            1. re: divya

              Eden in Galeries du Parc has Horium but at $2.69.