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Dec 15, 2009 09:50 AM

Restaurants open Christmas Eve in Southeast Michigan

Does anyone know of restaurants other than Chinese restaurants (or Dennys) open Christmas Eve in Ann Arbor and/or metro Detroit?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Beverly Hills grill in Beverly Hills, mi is wonderful. Although they are very busy all day today, the food is worth the wait! Southfield Rd/13 Mile

      1. El Harissa Market Cafe (Ann Arbor). Open Xmas too.

        1. Sorry, I know I am late seeing this, hope you found something good.

          We went to Cherry Blossom in Novi where we go every year as it is my son's birthday. Consistently great sushi.

          Best regards, Tony

          1. Too late, but maybe this will be useful in 2014 - I drove by Eddie Merlot's on Woodward after 8 pm Xmas Eve services last night and they looked open, with cars at the door picking up diners. Check them out in 2014 if you wish (so far my 2 experiences with them have been better apps and drinks than dinners, but a few quite good apps).

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              We were among the diners at Eddie Merlot's. The place wasn't packed as we would usually find on Christmas Eve but everyone in my family enjoyed what they had. Typically we head to the Royal Park, which is always full with a long waiting list, but decided to make a change this year. Both are pricey but it is Christmas Eve.