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Dec 15, 2009 09:38 AM

fort lauderdale

Can anyone recommend a restaurant for ft lauderdale, preferrably on the water? We'll be in the area for a couple of weeks over the holidays and would like some suggestions. Not too fancy, as we have two kids, but they are well behaved and are used to travelling and being in restaurants. We'd like to spend no more than 30 for entrees. Thanks very much!

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  1. Coconuts for sure, Rendezvous has OK food but a nice view. 15th St Fishery is pretty good too, the kids can feed the fish off the dock.

    Definitely do a search on this board and you should have a few more ideas.

    1. Coconuts is an excellent choice. I think15th St Fisheries has barely passable food. I'd also recommend Southport Raw Bar for VERY casual dining.

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        I agree about 15th Street's food. Maybe better as a lunch option but suggested it for the kids. If you eat outside there are glass tiles on the dock so you can see the water and fish swimming below - would be nice for the kids.

      2. It's not on the water, but we just had a wonderful seafood dinner at Truluck's. Delicious food and good service, moderately priced, especially considering the quality.

        1. Look into Aruba Beach Cafe at the end of Commercial Blvd, literally on the beach.

          1. I also recommend Southport Raw bar for good casual lunch.
            Nicer nite out- how about Blue Moon Fish co. or Charleys Crab?
            I think 15th Street Fisheries is very touristy and over rated.