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Dec 15, 2009 09:29 AM

Looking for Oysters in LA area

Just returned from New Orleans and I'm still craving Parmesan broiled (or fresh) oysters. Kings Fish House has good oysters, but I can't find them anywhere else and I know there must be some good places.

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    1. re: OCAnn

      That looks promising for the Charbroiled oysters. I've been to Taps for the Sunday brunch and the oysters were OK. I don't care for oysters that have been previously shucked, but I'm definitely headed there to try the Charbroiled -(Broiled with garlic herb butter & grated Romano cheese)

      Oh so hungry...

      1. re: parker394

        I agree with you on the pre-shucked oysters. I'm pretty sure they generally shuck them to order when you order them from the menu.

    2. You want to go to Quality Seafood on the Redondo Beach Pier. At least 25 varieties of live oysters in the saltwater tanks. Pretty good prices, too. Pretty sure that they don't do Parmesan broiled oysters, but they do broil fish, and I bet if you brought your own cheese they'd fix you up a batch of oysters.

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      1. re: TomSwift

        I have been to Quality seafood many times over the years, but lately find their name to be a bit deceiving. Maybe I'm spoiled but last time I was there I tried 3 different varieties and they were all very poor "quality". The oysters did not taste fresh....maybe I just hit them on an off day.

        1. re: parker394

          I hope that it was an off day. I've had no complaints, except that their prices tend to be on the high side for lobster and crab.

          1. re: parker394

            We go for lobster & crab, and while pricey as Tom says, the quality on those have been solid.

        2. Ocean Ave Seafood in Santa Monica has a nice oyster bar and they are owned by Kings Seafood.

          Ocean Avenue Seafood
          1401 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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          1. re: wienermobile

            if you can make the happy hour at ocean ave. they have a great deal and wine pairing special.

          2. Hungry Cat in Hollywood. Orris in West LA.

            1. You can also throw BP Oysterette and Santa Monica Seafood onto the list. Both on the Westside. Just know that the SMSF oyster bar is in the middle of their retail establishment on Wilshire so some people have ambience issues. Not me however. BP has a Rockefeller and Grilled prep as well as an interesing "raw" prep of oyster ceviche.

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                1. re: lizziee

                  I am by no means an oyster aficionado, but I have to agree Bouchon's are pristine and delicious with their mignonette