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Got unique and uncommon recommendations in LOWELL??

Looking for some recommendations for restaurants with unique( bizarre, weird,extreme) offerings in Lowell.

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  1. There are some threads about Lowell if you run a search, but if it's bizarre or extreme you're looking for, head to the Asian market in Pailin Plaza on Branch St. There are animal product food offerings there that I have a difficult time indentifying, and I'm a biologist.

    1. For a super cheap and uncommon lunch in Lowell, go to city hall and take the stairs down to the basement. There is a small foode stand with a grill. The sandwiches are always tasty and cheap. There is also a small grill in the Haverhill city Hall and Newton has the best one.

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      1. I don't know Lowell well but if you like Cambodian, there have been some very favorable writeups on Tepthida Khmer??

          1. i don't know about "bizarre" or "extreme" but lowell has a flourishing se asian restaurant scene that is definitely unique. pho 88 (vietnamese), red rose (cambodian), phien's kitchen (laotian), and senmonorom (cambodian) are all good options

            1. I agree with other posters. Tepthida Khmer is very good Cambodian food. I have had lunch and dinner there many, many times and never been disappointed. Authentic flavors and very nice service.

              1. I have been perusing your suggestions online menus, everything looks good! Don't know which to choose!

                1. While I haven't tried all the suggestions made for Lowell restaurants I have tried several of the other Cambodian and Vietnamese places and still have to put Tepthida Khmer at the top of my list. I have traveled extensively throughout S.E. Asia over the past 20 years and the flavors at Tepthida Khmer come closest to many of those I experienced in my travels. In addition the service is always very good and the place is always impeccably clean. Give it a try and don't miss the Loc Lac (beef) and the Drunken Noodles Special. I also like one of the soups they serve that has chunks of pineapple and tomatoes and shrimp in it.

                  1. This past weekend we had 7-beef (beef served 7 ways with rice wrappers, noodles and veggies to wrap it in) at Pho 88. It was excellent and really hard to find outside of a few vietnamese restaurants in dorchester. They also serve hot pot there.

                    1. Where is the BEST pho in Lowell? Thinking of making a stop-off after a long day of skiing on Sunday. Thanks!

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                        I don't know from best, but Pho 88 is just off the Drum Hill Rotary -- easy on, easy off Route 3, just two quick exits north of I-495 -- and very good. I've had lunch there several times in the past couple of months. If you're feeling brave, get the bun bo Hue, which is delicious but has some unusual offal-y bits in it.