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Dec 15, 2009 08:28 AM

Got unique and uncommon recommendations in LOWELL??

Looking for some recommendations for restaurants with unique( bizarre, weird,extreme) offerings in Lowell.

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  1. There are some threads about Lowell if you run a search, but if it's bizarre or extreme you're looking for, head to the Asian market in Pailin Plaza on Branch St. There are animal product food offerings there that I have a difficult time indentifying, and I'm a biologist.

    1. For a super cheap and uncommon lunch in Lowell, go to city hall and take the stairs down to the basement. There is a small foode stand with a grill. The sandwiches are always tasty and cheap. There is also a small grill in the Haverhill city Hall and Newton has the best one.

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      1. I don't know Lowell well but if you like Cambodian, there have been some very favorable writeups on Tepthida Khmer??

          1. i don't know about "bizarre" or "extreme" but lowell has a flourishing se asian restaurant scene that is definitely unique. pho 88 (vietnamese), red rose (cambodian), phien's kitchen (laotian), and senmonorom (cambodian) are all good options