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Dec 15, 2009 08:23 AM

Best hot sauce in the LA area? Bottled or not.

Best hot sauce in the LA area?
Doesn't even have to be bottled or orderable, even if I can only get it on a taco from a certain cart or in a hamburger from Montebello or something, just tell me what the best hot sauces from the LA region are!

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  1. Hard to say what is the best hot sauce in LA, but try Chichen Itza's two made with habanero. One is in a bottle and the other in a jar.

    Chichen Itza
    3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

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      second chichen itza's habanero in a jar (haven't tried the bottled) - it is yum!

      the best hot sauce, imo, are king taco's red and green sauces. they're totally different from each other, totally spicy, and totally delicious. sadly, i think the largest size they sell is a 5 oz cup.

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        The rojo at King Taco is great, really smoky and tons of garlic!!!

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          Another vote for the salsa roja at King Taco. The stuff is HOT and has great flavor. I only wish they weren't so stingy with it. I would buy if by the pint if I could.

          I'm also fond of the red hot sauce at Burrito Express in Pasadena. And they DO sell it by the pint!!!

      2. the aji sauce at Pollo a la Brassa really messes me up after a few containers, but I can't stop eating it

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            don't think so, but I never bothered to ask...

        1. i love the red, homemade, hot sauce that is served at the hungry pocket (across the street from santa monica college).

          1. I love the smokey hot sauces at King Taco and El Taco Llama.

            1. The hot sauce at the Carnitas Michaocan on the N/W corner of No. Broadway at 19th, north of Chinatown and just south of Lincoln Heights. Thin, brickred, smoky, spicy, complex and deliciously addictive.

              The hot sauce at The Hungry Pocket is a brighter red, more of a sharp rather than deep spice, also very good. I don't know f they sell it separately.

              Best bottled sauce I've found is Tapatio, with a good spice and very inexpensive.

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                And the 2 Costco Business Centers in S. Cal. sell Tapatio in GALLON bottles.
                Now that's hardcore!!!