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Dec 15, 2009 08:16 AM

Teddy's Sports Bar (Leslieville) to Close

The building housing the legendary Teddy's Sports Bar has been sold and the new owner has apparently bought out the remainder of their lease. Better get there while you still can. The decline of Leslieville's hallowed traditions continues apace ;-)

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  1. There goes the neighbourhood...Marimba!

    1. embee goes to sports bars? thats awesome

      1. Oh no, what will all the sports enthusiasts do now? Next thing you're going to tell me Tasty Chicken House is closing and we won't be able to get tasty chicken in the neighbourhood anymore!

        1. Fantastic news! Sweep the streets clean. Only a few more of the "dive" bars left.

          1. Oh no- Do we have to start worrying about theJones Bar and grill too? What is this neighbourhood coming to????

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            1. re: Leslieville

              Darn, does this mean I have to find another spot to ring in the new year ;)