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Dec 15, 2009 08:15 AM

Good dinner near Hatboro?

Looking for a special dinner place for a couple in their 30's for a special (and rare) night out. Budget is about $150, but it has to be within 20 minutes of Hatboro. All suggestions are welcome, although Doylestown may be a little too hard to get to and navigate. Thanks!

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  1. Ambler is only about 20 minutes from Hatboro. Dettera is beautiful and (I heard) the food is really good. Bridget's is also very good. Both have great bars for after dinner drinks.

    1. Castello's, on Welsh Rd., in North Wales is just about 20 minutes from Hatboro and has terrific Italian. And, it's now BYOB. Here's their website -

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        Castello is BYO again? We stopped going a while back because the bar bill on top of their not-so-cheap prices was a little steep for our budget. We might start going back now.

        1. re: AmblerGirl

          What's the vibe at Castello? Similar to Bridget's? I had the impression it was an older crowd. Is that wrong?

          1. re: tourmama

            The vibe is a bit old school, definitely more formal. If I recall correctly (its been a while since I was last there) the wait staff was dressed very formally. Live piano music on weekends. Its nice but definitely more of an older crowd than a place like Bridget's.

          2. re: AmblerGirl

            AmblerGirl, I get the impression that you, and we, were among the majority who decided that paying retail X 3, or more, was too big a check, even if the food was great. Now that we can take a $30 bottle, instead of paying $100+ for it, we're much more likely to be Castello patrons once again.

            1. re: bucksguy14

              As were we. We will definitely give them another try. The last time we were there, we ordered the special appetizer and entree. Ridiculously expensive. I am not one to ask the price of a special, so I can't complain when the sticker shock sets in. But we did enjoy the food there.

              1. re: bucksguy14

                Exactly. That is why I love BYO. You can have a great meal with great wine and not be stuck paying $150+ for your dinner. I leave nice restaurants with a bar for special occasions.

          3. Cafe Lombardi is a BYOB with delightful Italian fare. Located on Horsham Road close to the intersection of Easton.

            1. Zip right up Rt 263 to Augusto's, just off Street Rd in Warminster.

              You have got to try the bouillabaisse. and it's BYO so it's easy on the budget.

              1. I also highly recommend Augusto’s, the food and service are very good. Also, Café Preya, in Huntingdon Valley, has terrific food, I think that their crispy fish is one of the best dishes being served at any restaurant in Montgomery County.

                For a more fun place I suggest Little Marakesh in Dresher. They serve a six course meal for $28.00 and it is very delicious. On weekends there are belly dancers. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Montgomery County.

                All three of the above are pretty close to Hatboro.