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Where can I find duck legs in the NOVA/DC area?


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  1. I've seen them at Butcher's Block in Old Town, but you should definitely call first. They get a lot of odd cuts of meat.

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      I just walked by this place the other day. It is close to my place so I will check. Thank you!

    2. Balducci's in McLean frequently carries the packaged legs from D'Artagnan.

      1. Wegman's also carries the D'Artagnan products.

        1. The two Giants in Annandale have been selling them in cryovac pacs. Call first, they usually only have a couple available at any one time.

          1. Grand Marts often have them in the frozen or fresh poultry sections.

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            1. If you have a few days' lead time, call Mel Inman at Market Poulty in Eastern Market. He can order them for you. I think he gets his duck from Hudson Valley but I'm not sure.
              He's always got fresh ducks, duck breast, and other game. Whatever is not in stock is only a couple of days away - and much, much better prices than you'll find at most places in town.

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                I will try Grand Mart and Butchers Block first since they are close but thank you so much for this. If I strike out I will give them a call and head down on the weekend.

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                  The other poultry place at Eastern Market (the one run by Asian guys) carries them too. I called the other day and they said they had them in stock.