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Dec 15, 2009 08:14 AM

No. 9 or Beacon Hill Bistro for holiday lunch?

I'm taking a friend for a holiday lunch & girls day out. My vision is of a walk through the Public Gardens, then arriving to a super cozy lunch.

Any experiences with lunch at No 9 or BHB?

Food is important, but atmosphere is almost more so.
I like the idea of a fireplace at BHB, but of course, it's hard to trump Barbara.

Ideas welcome!

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  1. Hi there! I actually just went to lunch at No 9 last week- and I have to agree-its tough to trump Barbara. Aside from two small issues with over salting (the calamari and the bone marrow) the entire 6 course tasting menu was absolutely incredible, and service was impeccable. Im trying to justify another "indulgence" before the holidays are over!

    1. I'd strongly recommend #9 over BHB. Stop for a cup of coffe or drink after lunch at BHB.

      Here's an old post from #9 lunch but we've had many similar since...just first I found. Somewhere out there is a lunch that began at noon and ended at 10PM..:)

      eta...found another report.

      BHB and #9 aren't really in the same league and a nice lunch at #9 is a great way for friends to enjoy an afternoon

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        agree they are apples and oranges.

        you could have lunch at bhb, then stroll through the garden for a drink at the bristol too.

      2. We had lunch at No 9 yesterday. Dazzling.