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Dec 15, 2009 08:06 AM

New ideas for Saturday night

Afternoon All
Will be back in town this week on business, staying at the Hilton Garden on Peter Street
I have 2 days solo which I will likely hit my old haunts of eating at the bar at JK wine bar and Starfish
Saturday evening 2 friends are joining me to see a late show (10 pm start)at the Horseshoe(Queen/Spadina)
In the past we have done Terroni,KI, The Keg, Rivoli etc..Anything new in walkable distance from the hotel or the Horsehoe that I should check out for that evening-if they take reservations it would be even better.
Can be mid-to mid high price wise-and cuisine is pretty open as well, except Indian or similar spiced foods.
Thanks all

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  1. Jamie Kennedy sold the Wine Bar a couple of months back. Try Tutti Matto or Crush. Jules on Spadina just south of the 'Shoe is a cute French bistro. Nota Bene if you want to go upmarket.

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    1. re: Dimbulb

      Thanks for the heads up on JK, it's still open despite the sale?
      Any other tips for Saturday night would be great-

      1. re: montreal traveller

        The Wine Bar, as it's now called, is still open under new owners, two of whom were former chef and pastry chef at Jamie's establishments.

        Jamie Kennedy's Gilead Cafe, which he still owns and operates, will be turned into a bistro in January, to be open on evenings, too.

    2. I second the recommendations for Tutti Matti and Crush. Crush, in particular, is also very user-friendly to the solo diner if you're into eating at the bar. I also really like Le Select (walking distance from your hotel) which has a great zinc bar for dining-with-self.

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      1. re: Rabbit

        Thanks all-
        The Saturday night in question I will not be solo,but the other 2 indeed
        I had forgotten about Crush, and have not been to select yet, but it too looks promising

      2. Try Buca, the new hot spot on King. Good food and lots of wines.