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Dec 15, 2009 07:55 AM

Scotch Pies?

Does anyone know where to find scotch pies in Montreal (these are Scottish pies that are usually filled with mutton).

Either a bakery or resto would do!

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  1. I suggest you call Gryphon d'or. If they don't have them they might know who does. They also take special orders of various UK specialties, so they might be able to make some for you.

    Gryphon d'or
    5962 Monkland (between Royal & Hampton)
    bakery: 514-487-3933 (for food orders)
    tea room: 514-485-7377 (for afternoon tea reservations)

    1. The best Scotch Pies in Montreal aren't in Montreal.
      Many, many years ago there was a great Scottish bakery in Verdun, Muirs Bakery. They are now in Maxville Ontario.
      Next Saturday they will have Scotch Pies for sale at the Metro in Beaconsfield.

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      1. re: bigfellow

        What kind of pies will they sell at Metro, not the frozen PC brand ones im hoping?

        1. re: berbatov

          No, Muirs Bakery will be bringing their own pies down.

        2. re: bigfellow

          Haha! The reason I asked this question was because I was aware of Muirs, and the fact they had moved to Ontario makes it difficult to get those delicious pies. I need a viable alternative! :)

          However, I didn't know that they would be on sale in Beaconsfield on Saturday...good to know! We usually place orders when friends travel off to Ontario.

          Thanks, bigfellow, for the tip!

          1. re: kimberleyblue

            They now deliver to Montreal right to your home. You can check them out on Facebook.