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Dec 15, 2009 06:50 AM

Has anyone ordered from Virginia Traditions (Edwards family smokehouses) or any other suggestions for Virginia ham?

I'm thinking about ordering a Virginia ham (or perhaps a gift basket including some ham, or something like that) to send ahead of me to California for Christmastime. This place has some good looking choices -- do any of you have experience with them?

They have Hubs peanuts and some others, also. I'm considering the petite ham and some peanuts, or perhaps the assortment that includes sweet potato biscuits, ham slices, and brunswick stew....

I was interested in Calhoun hams, too, but their website doesn't really have any info -- looks like you need to call and also that they may only do whole hams.

Any other thoughts?


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  1. I always use've been very happy with them for a few years now.

    If you want to know a bit of history and instructions on cooking a whole Virginia Ham (shameless self-promotion) you can read my blog at

    1. I highly recommend Calhoun's ham. They also sell other gourmet products. BTW-are we looking at the same website? It has lots of info. They also ship. Give them a call and put a basket together.
      You can also catch them this Sat. at the Alexandria Old Town farmers market. Their tables have ham products, bacon, gourmet goods (mostly local).
      ps...if you have any trepidation regarding cooking a whole ham, you can get their ham fully cooked and thinly sliced. It's all ready to go for a nice ham and biscuit sandwich. You can also use for breakfast dishes, salads, or anything that you might use priscuitto for.

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        monavano -- yes, that was the website I was looking at -- I just meant that it didn't seem to have any links to further info including prices or shipping or that kind of thing -- that's why I figured, like you said, that I'd just need to call. I was going to call to ask about shipping the ham biscuits, as you recommended.... I've never been to the Old Town market, but trying those biscuits would be what would get me there.

      2. I don't have any experience with Virginia Traditions, but when Edwards was selling through their own company, we always bought their country hams. IMHO, one of the best country hams you can buy.

        1. I ordered my sister bacon from Virginia Traditions. I remember it took longer than expected, but she was extremely happy with the bacon gift pack.

          1. My source for ham and bacon -- RM Felts, Ivor Va, 757-859-6231 - no website --- you have to call. nice people, wholesale prices, quickdelivery via Fed Ex. This is classic VA Ham. --- ypu will not get a better price or ham.